About Ramblin’ Randy

I am a proud American conservative.  I’ve been a conservative my entire life.

I was a Republican Committee Chairman scanning four decades.  I started and was the first Chairman of two committees.  I also helped organize Republican Committees under three different Republican County Chairmen.

I do not belong to a lot of organizations, I’m not a joiner.  However, I do support several organizations.  The NRA is a group that I support, but there are some things they say I don’t agree with.  Same goes for the Tea Parties.  The majority of what they stand for I agree with, however sometimes I find fault with some of their positions.

I am a practicing Christian, and am pro-life.  That does not mean I get on a soapbox about my beliefs.  I don’t take a position of knowing all about all topics.  I write these posts saying what I think about various subjects.  I do not try to change anyones mind, I just say what I think.  I enjoy reading diverse opinions about issues which I take a stand.  I know that some of my readers take a strong opposing opinion to my thoughts.  I say that’s O.K.  I enjoy a discussion based on info.  I do not get into name calling.  A good discussion can be beneficial for all.

This all started when Ronald Reagan was hospitalized after being shot by John Hinkley.  Several of us decided to write position papers for Reagan to read while in the hospital.  We would send them around to each other for comment.  Our mode of communication was a fairly new invention called a fax machine.  We would use the company machines to get our pages sent to each other.  One by one over the years the other writers dropped out.  I just kept writing.  I progressed to email and started the blog in March of 2013.  Over time the list of people who read my writings has expanded to include a much larger group of people.  It does not matter if you agree with my thoughts or not, but I trust you can still enjoy the material.

Comments are always welcome.  You can contact me at randyf50@aol.com


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