JULY 4, 2018

I can’t believe that the summer is almost half over.  The time just seems to be by.  I guess that as we get older, time does actually fly.

Today I want to take some time to remember not just our veterans, but all those who provide safety for our nation.  By this I mean the soldiers, the police and fireman, the EMS personnel and anyone who answers the call to save and protect people.

Recently on Fox News, I saw a piece where they asked young people what the 4th of July celebrated.  As it turned out about 70% of the people asked had no idea.  Most people who saw the interview came away with the thought that these young people were dumb.  In reality, it was the adults who educated these kids that were at fault.

Education today is concerned about the environment, social problems and how bad America has been.  It seems as though we do not teach our children about how this country was formed, what struggles the Pilgrims and the others who followed them went through to reach our shores.  The whole philosophy of America has been lost to at least one generation and possibly more than one.

Soon there will be no one left who actually knows our history as a nation.  I wonder what a history book will look like in 30 years.  Will it show the remarkable concepts that founded this nation?

A group of settlers sat down and wrote a document that declared our freedom from England.  This Declaration did not just say that we were not going to pay the taxes England required, but a new concept of government that would change the world.  It was the beginning of a struggle that still continues today.

The Declaration of Independence, written by the Second Continental Congress, was sent to England on July 4, 1776. The document actually had two parts.  The Declaration looked at the past history with Britain and the hope for the future of the Colonies.  It stated the reasons the Colonies were breaking our ties with England and King George III.  It also declared that the colonies would create a new government that was controlled by the people, and that each of the colonists had a God given right to “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.”

After the revolutionary War, America was free to pursue its dream of freedom.  Each of the various Colonies had their own governments.  They were all different and had different degrees of success.  The leaders realized that a unifying government was necessary.

The Constitution that finally followed took the principles established by the Declaration of Independence and created a document that has been copied many times around the world.

It has been 242 years since the Declaration of Independence was written.  The American “experiment” continues.  It all began with a document written on parchment paper and signed by a group of radicals that refused to be ruled by the established government of Britain.  That is what the 4th of July means to America.  Let us never forget the importance of that date, and the holiday we celebrate.

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