Let me say this again.  This is the last time I will make this point.  I DID NOT SUPPORT DONALD TRUMP DURING THE PRIMARIES.  I considered Donald Trump as an obnoxious college frat boy.  I did not appreciate his name calling.  I did not like the way he demeaned his opponents.  Trump won the primaries.  Donald Trump then won the General Election running away.  He was elected by the people.  There, I’ve said it again.

Candidate Donald Trump said he would appoint judges to the various courts who would interpret the Constitution, as written, instead of  finding new meanings in every Article to fit the current day’s progressive thinking.  He has done this with more success than anyone thought possible.  Yes, but according to his opponents, his judicial nominees lack the wisdom and intelligence needed to be good judges.  Americans disagree.

Candidate Trump said he would roll back regulations that were stopping America from moving forward.  After entering office, he required the various agencies to cut two regulations for each new one they issued.  He also started writing Executive Orders reversing President Obama’s Executive Orders.  The economy immediately started to grow at a much faster clip.  The Democrats said that yes, but millions of people would die because Trump let business run amuck with a lack of regulations.  Americans disagree.

Candidate Trump said he would cut taxes on both business and individuals.  His tax cuts caused some businesses to give employees bonuses and pay raises.  With the extra money businesses got to keep, they bought new equipment, hired more employees and became more secure about their future.  The economy started growing so much faster that there is now a shortage of qualified employees.  Yes, but employees just got crumbs say the Democrats.  Americans disagree.

Candidate Trump said he would rebuild our military.  Under the previous Administration, our military was deliberately cut and the money was transferred from the military to the social welfare programs.  President Trump has increased military spending to show the world that America is strong.  Yes, but the Democrats say the increased spending threatens the world with destruction and will raise the deficit.  (Democrat deficit spending is considered good, while Republican deficit spending is considered bad for America)

Candidate Trump said he would try to reduce the number of nuclear weapons in the world.  President Trump has negotiated with North Korea to remove nuclear weapons from that country.  North Korea has said they have the ability to hit targets inside the United States and its allies.  South Korea and Japan have both explored adding nuclear weapons for their own defense.  Trumps negotiations with Kim Jong Un has reduced that threat.  Yes, but the Democrats say that to even speak to the North Korean leader is a major public relations win for the dictator.

Candidate Trump said he would rework our trade agreements under NAFTRA.  President Trump  is negotiating with our neighbors to reduce tariffs American products are charged.  Reducing these tariffs will make American products better received by Mexico and Canada.  That will increase production and jobs here in America.  This is one of the few times an American President has taken actions to protect American workers.  Yes, but the critics of the President say to demand fair treatment from our neighbors is not the way America should be.  They believe that demanding equal treatment from our neighbors will create trade wars that will hurt America.

Candidate Trump campaigned on building the wall on the Mexican border and finding a solution to the immigration problem.  The President did get some funds to do a small portion of the wall, but all attempts to find a solution to the immigration problem have failed so far.  Yes, but if a solution is found to end the problem, then the Democrats will lose an important election issue.

Surprisingly, President Trump is actually attempting to do all he said he would do during the campaign.  This is very unique for American politicians.  Here is a man who actually believes that he has a responsibility to the American people to do what he promised.

The President must constantly use social media to tell the American people about his accomplishments because the media mostly misses his successes.  President Trump thinks the media is corrupt.  I personally think the media is not corrupt, but very inept at their job.  Their lack of skill does a real disservice to the country, but that subject is for another day.  President Trump claims that unemployment for Blacks and Hispanics is the lowest in recorded history.  Somehow, most of the American news media has missed this story.

The tax cuts and the immigration legislation have failed to gain Democrat’s support and the Democrats failed to provide even one vote in favor for either bill.  Nancy Pelosi, the Minority Leader in the House of Representatives has said her second piece of legislation after the bill to impeach President Trump is to rescind the tax cut legislation once she becomes Speaker of the House after the Democrats regain control of the House.  She believes that government will spend the money more wisely than the individual American citizens.

This President has been a very pleasant surprise to this writer.  Although I disagree with his personality and demeanor, I applaud this President for his accomplishments.  He has successfully done so much good for the country.

Donald Trump has done all these things without any support from the Democrats.  With a Special Prosecutor doing all he can to remove the President from office, and a media that deliberately distorts everything he says and does, President Trump has been able to still move his agenda forward.  I applaud him for his accomplishments.  He has made me a complete believer.



2 responses to “YES, BUT…..

  1. Randy, in one paragraph you say the media is inept, not corrupt, and in the last paragraph you say the media deliberately distorts everything Trump does or says. I would call that corrupt!

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