Over 2000 years ago a baby was born in the town of Bethlehem.  Nothing strange there as babies are born all the time.  But this birth was different.  This baby would change the world.

Joseph and Mary were raised in Nazareth.  Caesar Augustus decided to tax all the people under his rule.  Joseph had to return to Bethlehem, where his family was originally from,  to comply with the census and pay their tax.  He took his new pregnant wife with him.  After the long trip, Mary immediately went into labor.  Because the city was full of people required to return to pay the tax, there was nowhere for the couple to stay.  The only shelter available to them was a stable.  So the Son of God entered the world under humble circumstances.

There was so much written about this child before it’s birth, that kings from far off lands came to see him.  It was written that a child would come into the world that would become a king.  The Romans feared a future challenge to their power.  They did all they could to kill the baby to save their reign of power.  The baby was named Jesus.  Joseph and Mary did all they could to protect the child as long as possible.

Could you imagine what Joseph went through before the baby was born.  He was told by Mary that she was pregnant with a child that was not his.  She had never had sexual relations with Joseph but wound up pregnant.  Joseph loved Mary and their families had agreed to the marriage.  Joseph was planning to take Mary away where no none knew them and divorce her quietly so she would avoid the shame of her pregnancy.  Then he had a dream where an angel came to him and said the baby was conceived by God.  Put yourself in that situation.  Would you accept Mary and believe the dream?  Their religious beliefs were so strong they believed.  Being visited by far away kings probably helped in the belief area, too.

Christianity was started with the birth of a child named Jesus that we celebrate during this Christmas season.  This was a birth that changed the world.  To all my readers out there let me say……….  MERRY CHRISTMAS.



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