Because of the recent shooting in Las Vegas, there is a liberal outcry by the media and even members of Congress to pass legislation to outlaw guns.  The loudest speakers for the new legislation blame money given to members of Congress by the National Rifle Association for the reluctance of members of our legislative branch to vote to outlaw guns.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Democrats wasted no time in calling for legislation for more gun control.  Their aim is to make gun ownership so difficult that most Americans will give up this Constitutional right.

There is no concern by those on the left for the safety of Americans.  There is no concern by the left for the gang bangers in some of our decayed major cities that settle all of their arguments with guns.  There is no concern by the left for the criminals who use guns as a piece of their everyday equipment to rob others.  The concern of those on the left for the poor to protect their property and family with guns is non existent.  The poor who live in high rise apartments, maybe right next door to some gangbanger, need a weapon for safety.  They don’t live in gated communities.  They don’t live in high income communities that have excellent police protection.  They can’t afford expensive security systems like many of the liberal politicians who want the less fortunate to go unprotected.

OK, let’s get to the bottom line.  The real purpose of the legislation is to change the Constitution without going through the requirements to do so.  The liberal left wants to take guns away from the average Americans so the Federal Government can become more powerful.  If the government can remove parts of the Constitution by passing simple laws through Congress, the left can finally get rid of much of the document they seem to hate.

The liberals do not like our Constitution.  The document does not give individuals rights, but really limits the power of the Federal Government.  Having the population own weapons to use against a government that takes power away from the people (tyranny), is but one goal of the liberals.  The real purpose is to make changes to the Constitution without allowing the citizens and states to have a say.  Guns is just the first step.  Freedom of speech would be next.  When conservatives are asked to speak in public forums, they are regularly shouted down and driven from their microphones by the intolerant left.  Riots and destruction of personal property usually follow.  Once there is an acceptable way to change our Constitution without citizen input, the government could remove free speech under the guise of public safety.

The liberals are not the only ones who would like to get rid of our Constitution.  Once a way to change the document without consent from the various states, the Republicans would end the special provisions set up for the protection of a free press.  The press freedoms were set up to guarantee a watchdog on the government.  Today our press or media, is a part of the Democrat Party.  The watchdog function does not exist when a Democrat is in the White House or control of Congress.  They distort and twist the news to favor all Democrats over Republicans.  Without them fulfilling their watchdog function, their special privileges should end, and they would once a method was established to do so.

Guns are just the first step.  Once the method is established to change our Constitution without public input,  politicians in Congress would do all they could to make the Government as powerful as possible.

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