The American media has suffered its most awkward moment in American history.

This week they were caught not only being wrong on their reporting but also were exposed for not following their own rules of verifying the information they release to the public.  The American press, with their hatred of the Trump Administration and love of the Democratic Party, have destroyed any chance that remains to be an informer to the American people.

Our media or press have gotten their rights by the American Constitution.  Our founders realized that having a free press was very important to ensure the government did not gain power that they were not given.  A free press was necessary to protect the people against government tyranny.  Never did the founders think the problem would be a media that was dishonest in doing it’s work.

The definition of “Press” in Webster’s New World Dictionary: to report history as it happens for all to see and read.  I think the current Press has a totally different definition.  The Press today is to use current events to shape public opinion toward the writers or organizations positions.

The Press or media today is a part of the Democratic Party.  They are political operatives of the left.  Very few Press organizations are interested in reporting unbiased news.  Everything is published with a slant toward their personal opinions rather than to tell the true story.

A perfect example of this is the reporting of all the stories that have been created by the leaks to the media about the Trump Administration.  The old system was to have three sources before the story was printed.  With these leaks, the stories are immediately broadcast without backup conformations.  Of course, the stories are all very anti Trump.  Anything positive the Administration has done, like the rapid expansion of the U. S. economy, has been ignored by the American Press.  President Trump has reversed the Executive Orders written by former President Obama, which have allowed the economy to take off.  With the promise of drastic tax cuts and revamping of the tax code, businesses feel comfortable expanding and growing again.

Maybe the biggest impact of the new Administration is on foreign affairs.  The Trump Administration has become a world leader again.  Meeting with the nations of the Middle East, Trump has exerted influence in that part of the world.  His goal, which reverses the Obama goals, is to fight our enemies abroad with the help of the nations in the area.  The media has not given the new Administration any credit for the results this shift in policy has brought.

Foreign countries monitor our news services to try to understand where the America public is on issues that effect them.  Our Press organizations distort the feelings of the citizens.  If one were to watch some of the American media output, you would believe that the Trump Administration was very unpopular and destined to be a one term Administration, if it is able to survive that long.   This misconception could be very dangerous if misinformed governments acted on the false pulse they see on the nightly news.

The American media also misrepresents the Trump Administration regularly.  They decide what to cover when the President speaks.  The media decides what to report to the citizens when the President speaks during the day.  They edit his speeches and sometimes twist the meaning of his words.

None of this is what the Founding Fathers anticipated when they wrote our Constitution.  A “free Press” is necessary for our form of government.  It is a necessary part of our checks and balances that make this experiment in democracy continue.  However, it is time for the Administration to redefine what the word “Press” means.  Having the operatives from the Democratic National Committee gaining access to the White House and the President, is a bad idea as far as informing the public about our governments activities.  Trump has gone to social media to counteract the Press pool.  He needs to strip these people of their access and replace them with some good, old fashioned reporters.


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