President Trump had continued to campaign against the media in general and the White House Press Pool in particular.  This President has not missed any opportunity to slam the media.  It is a regular part of every speech he gives.  The President likes the media about as much as the media likes the President.


Our Founding Fathers gave our press or media special rights to insure that government does not over reach their power and duties.  They recognized that a free and “watchdog” media was important for a free and fair society.  Never did they ever believe that the media would resort to the way it generally functions today.  They believed the media would be fair and truthful in their reporting of events.  The Founders felt so strongly about this they made “Freedom of the Press” part of the U.S. Constitution.  This was done so government would not control the media and control the news that reached the population.

In our early days, when TV and radio weren’t invented yet, and the internet was a figment of someone’s imagination, news organizations took their responsibility seriously.  Journalists knew they had the responsibility to tell the population what was happening in the country.  Honesty and integrity were very important to the journalists and the viewers.


There is an annual Correspondence Dinner where the Press  Corp. and the President get together and have a fun evening.  Usually, the group has fun taking good natured swings at each other.

There is usually a degree of respect between the President and those who cover his actions. Not so this year.  If President Trump were to be shot and knocked down by a radical liberal, the media might have a headline that says “President stumbles when confronted by his truthful critics.”

This year, President Trump pulled a fast one on the media.  He chose not to attend an uncomfortable evening when all the speakers would spend the evening spilling hurtful comments about him and his family.

The President chose to instead go to middle America where he had supporters who agree with what he has done so far.  Not only did he attend a gathering in Harrisburg, PA, but those who cover the man on a daily basis, had to tag along and cover the event for their organizations.  The media was forced to go to Middle America, a place where they feel the population is hickish and uneducated in the ways of the world.  The “elite” media thinks only those in the Washington-Boston corridor and west coast are sophisticated enough to provide comfort to their great knowledge and wisdom.  These reporters were forced to miss their most important social event of the year.


Technology has changed the way Americans get their information.  No longer do the young read newspapers or watch the evening newscasts.  The younger generation receives their news by the internet.  Where once the news was sanitized by corporate heads in big buildings, now people are getting their information online by looking at their cell phones.  Their news comes to them from a multitude of sources.  In a few years, the media, as we know it, will disappear.  The correspondence Dinner will disappear and no one will notice it is gone.


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