President Donald Trump has a problem.  He can’t stay off of twitter.  Trump talk is mostly limited to a few words that don’t allow him to fully explain himself.  The old media loves to finish his thoughts for him and usually paints him in the worst possible way.

Donald Trump uses the high tech means of communicating with America because he does not like the way the old established media twists his words and changes his meaning deliberately on a regular basis.  He is making this old media (White House Press Corp) irrelevant.  Donald Trump bypasses these people and delivers his message himself directly to the people much like Ronald Reagan did in the 80’s.


The Donald does not like the media.  Rather than just smile and put up with the mischief of the media, Trump just ignores them and uses other forms of communications.  Donald Trump tells his own story, directly as he wants it told.  He is perfectly willing to bypass and ignore his Press Corp and just gets his message out.  So far, the media has been smiling at the Commander in Chief as they do their best to undermine and sabatosh his accomplishments.


President Trump has many accomplishments during his first 100 days in office.  I will probably write a complete blog on this later, but let me say he has done quite a bit in a short time.  Donald has kept jobs within our borders.  This started before he even assumed office.  When corporations announce they are moving operations offshore, Donald Trump has met with them and convinced them to stay home.  He has told them of his plans for taxes and regulations that make America a better place to be.  His tax plan, which is to be released soon, promises to allow American business to actually benefit from their innovation and new ideas.  The Federal Government will not be there sucking the extra revenue they develop away from them.  The same benefit is promised to the individuals who feel the more they work and produce, the more Government is in their pockets and lives.

The President has written an Executive Order requiring the various Federal Agencies to remove two Regulations from the books for every new regulation they issue.  This has accomplished two things; having a reduction in new laws written by faceless bureaucrats, and freeing American business and citizens from government overreaching.  This regulation change has the effect of freeing up business to innovate and expand, increasing employment and expanding the economy.


One of the biggest changes from the Obama Administration is in foreign affairs.  President Trump spoke of the shame that happened in Syria when Assad used chemical weapons on his own people.  The United States military struck the airport where the attack came from.  The United States launched an air attack that eliminated 20% of the Syrian air force.  The President didn’t threaten Syria, they just let them know, in a way that really hurt Assad’s military, that certain actions are not acceptable to the rest of the world.  I don’t know about you, but I sat a little taller after hearing what President Trump did.

President Trump quietly acted.  He didn’t use bellicose language or “draw red lines in the sand.”  He just acted.  He didn’t go on TV and say in advance what we were going to do or not do.  He didn’t tell Syria what our limitations would be.  He just acted.  What a change from the last 8 years!  I know I stood a little more proud of being an American after that.

President Trumps actions let the rest of the world know that America was back as a moral, strong world leader.  His action in Syria told Iran and Putin’s Russia that America was someone they could no longer ignore.  The Obama days are over.  AMERICA IS BACK!

Readers of these pages know that I have not been a great fan of Donald Trump.  There is much that I do not like about our 45th President.  However, I must admit that his actions so far in office have provided a pleasant surprise.  The man is making me a believer, and I think the rest of America will feel the same way.


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