The Donald made a bold action by striking Syria with Russian troops in the target area.  The days of Obama and his mommy pants are over.  This President doesn’t spend days debating with himself about what to do.  Our military did tell the Russians about an hour before the strike so they could move out of harms way.  They apparently did not debate with the Russians but informed them the attack was coming.

Syria is a mess.  There are Iranian troops on the ground in the country.  There are Russian troops and air support in Syria.  There is Hezbollah set up in the country.  Lets not forget about ISIS.  And finally, there are the moderate Sunni Muslims that the United States supports.  This is the group that Assad and the Russians are bombing and killing on a daily basis.  Assad knows the moderates are the ones who will probably come to power if he is driven out.  He knows they are the future leaders of his country.  Better for Assad to kill them now and diminish their strength.

President Trump first announced he was changing his mind about Bashar al-Assad when he saw the dead women and children after Assad gassed his own people.  His previous position was for the United States to stay away from the Syrian problem.  Syria is one of those places where a country could spend years fighting all the divergent factions with no success in sight.

Syria’s Assad climbed out from under whatever rock he was hiding and condemned The United States for the missile attack.  He then disappeared again.  Syria and Russia have continued bombing the area where they previously had gassed the population with conventional bombs.  Idlib Province, and especially the town of Khan Sheikhoun, have been controlled by the rebels that Assad has tried to eliminate.

As big as Trump’s ego is, he still changed his mind and said so in public.  President Trump’s ability to analyze the situation and make a quick decision is part of the reason for his business success.  This President required no weeks of meetings, wringing of hands, speeches, and consultations with the rest of the world before ordering the strike.  He saw the situation, got mad, and took action after getting the information he needed from our military.

President Trump’s action wasn’t just a message for Assad in Syria.  It was a necessary message sent to the rest of the world that the days of exploiting the United States is over.  The strike in Syria was a message sent to Russia that the United States would act under this President.  Russia will now be forced to re-evaluate their expansionist policies.

The Iranians now know that the United States will take action against them if they don’t follow the weak agreement worked out by former Secretary of State John Kerry and former President Barak Obama.  Iran has acted like the bull in the china shop all over the Middle East.  Everywhere there is conflict in the area Iran can be found.  They are there either with troops or money or both.

Trumps military action could return the United States to the role of “world policeman” again.  When President Obama withdrew from the world, the chaos that followed put traveling Americans at risk everywhere in the world.  Previously, Americans were safe practically everywhere in the world.  Not now.

Our withdrawal gave Russia the opportunity to start their expansion to rebuild the old Soviet Union.  Countries like Iran were free to cause their mischief in the Middle East.  China started expanding their territory by building islands and then claiming the sea around them as theirs.  North Korea continues to develop their nuclear weapons and delivery systems without any resistance.

Someone needs to step up to protect the little guys.  No one else has.  Trump has indicated in the past that if America fills this role, we need to be compensated for our efforts by the nations who benefit from our efforts.

I do not know how the Syria situation will come out.  I do not know how the United States will use its influence without getting us into a prolonged war.  One thing I do know:  I feel a little prouder, I sit a little taller knowing that the United States, my country, responded with a moral action to protect those who can not protect themselves.


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