The various stories being leaked to the media is scary to many Americans.  Especially when the subject is about spying on American citizens by our own Federal Government.

Former President Obama was an expert at using American government assets to punish his political foes.  He was caught using the Internal Revenue Service and the Environmental Protection Agency to harass his opponents while serving as the 44th President.  That Administration was protected by a stubborn and blind Attorney Generals office that refused to investigate or prosecute any charges brought by Obama’s targets.

Having the agencies use TV’s, computers, phones, or any other electronic devise to spy should come as no surprise to anyone who follows the news.  What is a shame is the government employees released this information to the public without permission.

Before leaving office, Obama changed the way the intelligence agencies collected and disseminated the information they picked up.  Before, the information was held to a few individuals who protected the names of those captured on their eavesdropping.  Now, the information is spread among 16 different agencies without the names being redacted.  The chance of leaks is so much higher now than it was before.  Hopefully, Trump has now clamped down on Obama’s mischief and changed back the rules.


James Comey, the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in testimony before Congress, stated they could find no evidence of the Federal Government wiretapping Donald Trump during the campaign last fall.  Comey was straight up with Congress about this lack of proof.

However, as far as finding out who from the holdover Obama Administration had been leaking classified information to the media that embarrassed the incoming Trump Administration, Comey was silent.  Supposedly he saw no need to investigate that issue. Comey has been requested to supply answers to congressional oversight committees on surveillance activities on Americans.  Comey and his organization have refused to recognize the letter and have ignored the request.  Who does he think he is, Eric Holder?


Larry Klayman claims to have evidence of FBI snooping on Americans.   Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and later Freedom Watch, has a whistleblower that has provided him the information that Donald Trump along with other high profile Americans have been snooped on by the FBI over the years.

The House of Representatives Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) has stated in a press briefing that he has been given information of spying on Americans that covered members of Donald Trump’s campaign committee.  The information was located on Executive Branch computers that were accessed at the White House Complex, actually at the Eisenhower Building which houses the National Security Council.  There is a strong indication that the information was delivered to the White House of Barak Obama.  This information in question was collected in the fall of 2016 and carried on to the end of the year.  It was not released by Representative Nunes exactly who or how the information was gathered.  However, both the FBI and the CIA previously claimed ignorance of any collection of wiretapping information on American citizens.  Clearly, someone is being less than truthful.


The new President, whom many refuse to recognize as our new leader, has a habit of saying things that shouldn’t be said in public.  He appears to speak without really thinking about what he is going to say.  He speaks very impulsively.  Many, including yours truly, think this is a sign of immaturity on his part.  However, Trump usually finds a way to make these actions come out in a positive way.  Trump speaks by voice and by his twitter account.  The “old media” has fits because Trump does not use them to get out his message.  He has found other outlets for his message.  The media can’t stand it that Donald Trump does not bow down to the old media and allow them to twist his meaning to what they want to hear from him.  Because of this, the media will never give Trump a fair shake on any subject.

This attitude by the old media carries over to the spying case.  The media has already stated Trump has no evidence for his claim.  They will continue with this claim and even ignore the evidence if and when his claims are verified.


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