President Barack Obama has decided to stay in charge of the federal government.  Obama’s term ended on January 20th, but the former President has decided he has not had enough of government.  Obama has decided he wants to continue to keep his hands in the daily operation of America.


Before he left office, Obama made appointments in the various federal government agencies that moved political appointments over into Civil Service positions where their future employment would be protected.  These Obama loyalists would be in a position to stop the incoming Trump Administration from completing their campaign promises and continue to work under the Civil Service regulations.  There people are also suspected of being the government leakers that is frustrating the new Trump Administration.

Obama also changed some of the order in power in the various agencies to move his people back into important positions.  Sessions recused himself from anything relating to Russia.  Before he made this move, he had to reverse Obamas actions in the Justice Department.  Obama set up the agency so one of his loyalists would be the decision maker after Sessions stepped away.


The former President has decided he wants to continue to live in Washington, D.C.  Obama has bought a home in the Washington area where he can keep in close contact with Democratic politicians and from time to time make political comments on issues of the day.  The former President has stated he does not wish to interrupt the education of his children by changing their schools.  His new home will also have office space that Obama will use for his political activities.  The office space and staff provided by the American government for former Presidents can not be used for politics.  For this reason, Obama will have office space in his private home.


It was charged by the new Trump Administration that the Obama Administration had been tapping the phones of the Republican candidate.  This charge is very believable considering the Obama Administration had been using the Internal Revenue Service to deny tax exempt status to Obama’s political enemies.  The Environmental Protection Agency harassed Obama’s financial enemies all across the country.  The Obama Administration went after Trump relating to the Russian issue.  They were rejected by the FISA Court on the first application but was approved in October of 2016, after Donald Trump started rising in the polls.

The FISA Court functions much like the Grand Jury system.  The government provides the information to the court, without the other side even knowing the application has been made.  There is only one side provided to the court.  All the information provided comes from the government who wish to get permission to do the snooping.


Barak Obama is doing all he can to remain relevant in the political world.  His signature Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) legislation is about to be declared a failure and be repealed by the Trump Administration and the Republican controlled Congress.  Obama’s foreign policy is considered by most Americans as a failure in leadership.

By keeping the Trump Administration in turmoil might stop them from making the changes to Obama’s legacy.  Obama will not step back from politics and let the new team take over.

As long as Obama remains the leader of the opposition, the longer it will be for the Democratic Party to rebuild after the disastrous results in the 2016 elections.  The Democratic Party needs to regrow with a new group of leaders.  With Hillary Clinton vowing to stay active, and Obama refusing to leave the stage, the party can not rebuild or capture the new voters entering the system.


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