article-2702557-1fe43c3300000578-224_634x4151The United States Court system has ruled twice that the legislation signed by President Harry Truman, and used by Presidents Truman, Carter, Reagan, Clinton and Trump is unconstitutional.

The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that those born in foreign lands, who decide they want to enter the United States have all the constitutional rights of American citizens who are on U.S. soil.  The Court made no mention of the law signed by Harry Truman that gave President Trump the authority to impose a 90 day ban on immigration from countries where governments have stopped functioning and can not vet those choosing to travel to the United States.

The arguments made in the case before the Court were focused on what was going on in the President’s thought process.  The Court was interested in what was going on in the Presidents mind and not the law or the power of the Executive Branch to protect the population.  They had no interest in those issues.  This is probably why 80% of the rulings of the 9th Circuit Court have been reversed by the Supreme Court.

The Court did not have good representation from the Trump Administration.  Because Congress had not been able to confirm a new Attorney General, none of the new Trump employees had yet come on board.  Because of this, the upper level of the Attorney Generals office was still staffed by those who were appointed by the Obama Administration.  When this issue went to trial, there was a problem finding Justice Department personnel who were not biased against the new Administrations position.  As it turned out, only a lackluster attempt was made supporting the Trump Administrations position by the new Administration.

All of that being said, the new Trump Administration did a poor job writing the Executive Order that caused all the fury.  No provision was made for those foreigners who had previously been vetted when they entered the country years ago.  No thought went into the foreigners who have been issued a green card by the American government.  There was also no thought given to foreigners who provided assistance to American military personnel when they were in their home countries.  These people were promised relocation to the United States for their own protection.

Let us also remember that all this fuss only pertains to people from seven countries.  Over a period of the first few days, 325,000 foreigners entered this country.  That to me is an astonishing number of foreigners entering America every day.  Of that number only nine, that’s right, nine people were held.  Of the nine, two returned to their home countries, while the other seven entered the country after a short delay.

Since the 9th Circuit decision, there have been over a thousand people enter the country from the seven countries.  Once the Court made their ruling, people from these seven countries flooded their way into our country.  These foreigners have entered and disappeared into the heartland.  Who they are, and what threat they may be to the country is unknown, and will continue to be unknown until there is a strike against us.

The old, mainstream media has been reporting with hysteria that the Trump Administration has been rounding up illegal aliens for deportation.  Trump has been “ripping families apart” to remove all illegals from our borders.  This is total rubbish.  First, with Jeff Sessions just coming on board, he has not had time to fill the upper management team that would run such a program.  As it turns out, this is just the daily normal activity that the Department of Justice runs.  No action has been taken by the Trump Administration.  This particular plan had been planned by the Obama Administration last fall.  The American media has been schilling how cold and evil Donald Trump is.  They portray him as a guy who likes to rip illegal families apart.  If they have to make up some stories to try to prove their point, then so be it.  This will continue for at least four years.

This latest group of raids has gone after illegals who have committed crimes against Americans.  These crimes range from murder, pedophilia, drug pushing, weapons charges, to drunk driving.  These are the people who are being rounded up and hopefully deported.  Some of those in the roundup have already been deported up to five times.  Do Americans really want these people loose on our streets?  I don’t think so.


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