ijo6s3nabgjxriy358r11I’ve had it!  I am so tired of the liberals and all they stand for.  I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!  I am tired of their righteous indignation on all subjects political.  I am tired of their snotty attitude on everything.


The New England Patriots quarterback expressed he had a personal friendship with President Donald Trump.  This is being treated as a sin by the American main stream media.  During Super Bowl week in Houston, Texas, there were more questions about Brady’s support for Trump then there were about Brady having a chance to win 5 Super Bowl rings, the most ever by a player.  Brady had to constantly say the Super Bowl had nothing to do with politics.  I am not a New England Patriots fan, but the way the media hounded this guy for voting the same way 62 million others did is too much even for a non fan.

After New England won, several of the Patriot’s players said they would not attend the White House ceremony recognizing their accomplishment.  All because Donald Trump was elected President.  Really?

The TV ratings came in after the game, and the viewership in New England was less than other cities.  This was blamed on Brady’s support for Trump.  People in the New England area did not watch the game because of Brady’s friendship with Trump.  I know New England is a liberal haven for insanity, but for the people there to punish themselves and not watch the game is ridiculous.


Liberals are a nasty bunch.  They take no prisoners in their quest to rule supreme.  Let me make a very definite distinction between Democrats and liberals.  Democrats have a political agenda very similar to the liberals but the Democrats won’t try to destroy the country because of the decision of the voters.

Not so with the liberals.  They seem ready to destroy the country because they didn’t get their way.  The liberals in the United States Senate are doing all they can to stop the Federal Government from functioning.  By denying the new Trump Administration the Cabinet officials, they are stopping the government from functioning.  The unconfirmed Secretaries, along with roughly 4,000 political appointees that come after the new Secretaries takes his/her position, are needed in order for the department to function.  The old Secretaries are gone so the Departments do not have a power structure so they can move forward.  This is the deliberate plan of the liberals in the Congress.  As long as the Federal Government is impotent, these people are happy.  The last time Congress was this slow confirming the Cabinet was when George Washington was first elected.  In that case the new Congress was trying to establish itself, creating rules as they went.

Donald Trump spent a fair amount of time campaigning in the large cities that need help.  The liberals in Congress want the various agencies to continue to be impotent so these areas can not be fixed by the new Administration.  The longer it takes for the Secretaries to take their seats, and bring in their staff, the longer it will be before their problem areas are fixed.

Of course, if the changes proposed by Trump do not work, the voters will punish the Republicans and the Trump Administration in the 2018 elections.  The liberals have decided that the voters can only make the correct decision if the Administration can be stopped from functioning.  They do not want the Trump Administration to fix the cities, get the economy growing again, fix healthcare or build the border fence. If they can stop the Trump campaign promises from being enacted, the better for them.  The viciousness of the liberals is so different than the treatment the Republicans gave the Obama Administration when they came into office.


On college campuses, you know those “institutions of higher learning,” it appears learning is the last thing taking place.  Liberals have so infiltrated the campuses that “free speech” is a thing of the past.  If conservatives are ever invited to speak on the campuses, it usually ends in destruction and driving the conservatives away.  Conservatives are not welcome in this environment.  On college campuses, free speech means no speech for conservatives.  When liberals keep all opposing speech quiet, people never hear the conservative message except through the liberal definitions.  Conservatives are never allowed to speak for themselves.  Conservatives usually want liberals to speak their positions because they believe that the more liberals speak, the stronger the conservatives are.




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