5481Americans are wusses.  We have just finished a Presidential campaign that lasted for 3 1/2 years.  We are fighting a war or wars that have been going on for the life of two President’s eight years in office and we are starting a third President’s time in the Oval Office.  Let’s take a good, hard look at Americans in the background.


American young adults need to have “safe spaces” to protect them from seeing things they don’t like.  On our university campuses, we bring in shrinks because someone wrote a Presidential candidates name on a sidewalk in chalk.  Really?  Are the future leaders of this country so upset because someone wrote something in chalk on a sidewalk?

Our universities also have “safe spaces” to protect the students from being upset because they saw something that bothered them.  Many students see something on TV that causes them to run to the safe space so they can chill out and recover from their experience.

On college campuses, students were excused from going to class, taking tests, etc. because their candidate lost the Presidential election.  How are these people ever going to function in the real world where bosses criticize a project they are working on?  How are these people going to function when their computer crashes?  Real life experiences like these happen to everyone.  These people will not be prepared to handle them.  Remember, these are our future leaders.  What wusses!


I did not wear our country’s uniform when I was younger.  I would never claim to be a vet because that distinction belongs to the best we have to offer.  I fall well short of that category.

Presidents have sent our young and best into wars half way around the world to keep us safe at home.  Fighting our enemies away from the homeland has kept us relatively safe from the civilian death and destruction that naturally happens in a war zone.  Our troops have been stopped from winning by the politicians here at home.  It is as if winning the war is evil.  Instead, we pull back from victory each time we start to win.  We did this in Korea, Viet Nam and several other conflicts around the world, including the Middle East.

The American military has become a social policy experiment.  We now have females on the front line so they can earn promotions as the men do.  A very worthy concept.  The problem with this concept is the women have physical standards that are less than the men.  These standards should be the same.  Pulling a wounded American soldier weighing 200 pounds, and carrying 50 pounds of gear to safety  the same requirement for women as it is for men.  To serve in those areas, women should have the same physical standards as the men.

The men have been wussified by the demanding military women.  The women want the opportunity to earn promotions from battlefield experiences, a worthy request.  However, if they can not provide the physical requirements to do the job, they should not be there.

The newest demands on the military comes from the gay group.  Homosexuals are now permitted into the arm services as equals.  I personally have no problem with gays, however, I do not want gays to interfere with the normal running of the military.  As long as gays do not influence the daily operation of the armed services, I do not have a problem.  If gays change the way the military functions, I have a big problem.  The American military is not a social experiment.  Our military is a fighting force to protect the country and lead the world.



  1. Newsflash: Gays are regular people, they are not obsessed with ‘changing’ things for the sake of changing them. You clearly do have a problem with them if you assume that…

    • Keley Ann,

      Thank you for your comment. I must disagree with your thought process. I have no bias against those that have a different belief than I do. Gays have every right to live and function in America as anyone else.

      Ramblin’ Randy

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