donald-mialania-ed34c6a8-9263-4f8d-8c7a-3db65fb4816f1Nowhere in the world does the government change as peacefully as we do it in America.  Our inauguration is a spectacle that shows the world what our system is all about.

The baton was passed from one family to another, without violence or bloodshed.  America was set up by a group of statesmen who understood that government needs changes every few years to keep the pulse of the people foremost  in the governments activities.


Americans gathered in the nations capitol to celebrate this change in power.  Washington, D.C. is the home of our government, or to put it in another way, the home of the American experiment.  This is the place where the peoples representatives do their work.  Thousands turn out to witness this special day every four years.  Millions of others watch the festivities live on TV.  Past Presidents, Supreme Court members, members of Congress and the American people all gather together to watch this spectacle take place.  It is a true American miracle that  all this takes place in a peaceful way.

All the politics of the past is put to rest on this day.  There are smiles, handshakes and good wishes exchanged between the incoming and outgoing Administrations.  Everyone comes to watch the new leader of the free world sworn into office.  This is something that has only been experienced by 45 people over the course of some 228 years.  The Inaugural process is watched around the world as America celebrates this change in management.


Unfortunately, some in this country don’t get it.  They just don’t understand our system of government.  I am referring to the 60 plus Democrat Congress people who decided to skip this process.  Most did so loudly, as if there was pride in their actions.  Unfortunately, my Congressman was one of these.  He chose not to represent me at the change in power.  This lack of respect for our Constitution and system of government is usually caused by ignorance of the American system.  With our inability to teach these things in our public schools, it is somewhat surprising that there are not more Congressmen who do not show up for the change in regime.  Our system allows for this lack of respect.


The American media spends hours showing the world how we do things in America.  What a shame some media outlets missed the importance of the show.  They were so busy trying to twist every word the new President said, and awkwardly trying to change his meaning, that they missed the magic of the moment.  These fools spent hours trying to define the new Administration rather than report on what was actually happening before them.  What a shame they missed the real story!

The new Administration will be bypassing the media to speak to the country.  When the media does not report truthfully what the President does and says, then new outlets of communication with the country must be found.  Fortunately, there are such communication systems available to bypass the press, and the new Administration will use them.  It is too important for the world to understand the truth that comes out of the White House, not having everything filtered and twisted through a hostile press.  The Constitution gives special privileges to the media.  It is a shame our press has wasted that opportunity.

After saying all this, let me state that our system of Government, with all the checks and balances, we still allow dissent of this system.  Although I think this is such a special day, I recognize that dissent is allowed to happen.  That’s just part of why America is so special.



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