160503_pol_trump-president-jpg-crop-promo-xlarge21Donald Trump will not experience a honeymoon like his predecessors have experienced.  Other Presidents have been given about 100 days to settle into office and establish themselves before the wolves come out and start firing away.  Donald Trump will experience no such period.  There are many reasons why this is true.

The precedent was set in 2000 when the last Republican was elected.  George W. Bush did not receive any respect from the Democrats until the 9-11 strike against America.  Up until that time, he was not considered the President by a large majority of Democrat politicians.


Hillary Clinton ran a race where she acted like she would be anointed, not elected.  Hillary ignored states where the economy was in poor shape and the people who lived there were seeking hope and answers rather than someone who ignored them.  Trumps people found this and exploited those areas of the country who “always” voted Democrat in the past.

Hillary, part of the “Clinton Dynasty,” was riding on her husbands charm and charisma.  Hillary Clinton just did not connect with the population like her husband did.  At campaign stops, the media did not really report on the small size crowds Hillary was getting compared to the stadium sized crowds Trump was drawing on his campaign stops.

None of this was reported by the media so people were surprised when Trump won the electoral vote on election night.  Many people think Hillary actually won the election because she won the popular vote.


Hillary Clinton owned the media.  During the primary season, the media reported on every word Trump uttered.  They built him up to unprecedented levels of support to make sure Donald Trump won the Republican Primary race.  The media projected Trump as the easiest candidate for the Democrats to defeat.  By giving him such coverage during the primary season, they thought it would make a Hillary Clinton victory a certainty.

The big media outlets, CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS and cable outlets MSNBC and CNN all reported Hillary was rolling to big victorious outings wherever she went.  They loaded every poll they took (loaded with Democrats or took them in Democrat heavy areas) and coordinated all their talking points with the Clinton campaign. The media, using all these items to pump up the Clinton campaign, still did not see what was actually happening across the country.

Because Hillary won the popular vote by carrying two states (California and New York) with heavy margins, the media started playing this importance up when it became clear she had lost the election.

People were so misled by the media, that election night surprises stunned the nation.


The Wikileaks situation caused Hillary’s campaign to unravel.  Wikileaks stated upfront they had emails from the Democrat National Committee that would embarrass Clinton.  They leaked these emails out in such a way that Hillary was constantly on the defensive.  Of course, the information in the emails hurt Hillary with the voters.  These leaks showed Hillary received questions during a debate held by CNN in advance of the debate.  There were other items that were released that embarrassed Hillary and her campaign team.

Hillary’s campaign started to spin the release as being done by the Russians to divert the message from catching on.  Both seemed to circulate, much to the consternation of the campaign.


The Russians, under the direction of Vladimir Putin, have been engaged  in cyber warfare with the United States.  Both the U.S. and Russia have been using computer hacking as a tactic to mess with each other.  This is just something left from the “cold war” days.  Putin did not like Clinton.  He wanted to mess with the U.S. election.  Here, he had an opportunity to mess with both.

Let me state I have not seen any information the Russians provided the information to Wikileaks.  Supposedly, the government spook agencies have provided that information to the Trump campaign.  Wikileaks claims the information was provided by an insider.


The Democrats have this belief that Trump won because of the FBI investigations into Clinton’s email server.  The on again, off again investigations were enough to make America tired of the Clintons and everything they stand for.  The Democrat professionals blame the FBI and the rest for Clintons loss.  If the investigations went the way they were supposed to, then Hillary would have won.  All of the above is the reason that Trump will not receive the honeymoon provided all past Presidents by the opposition.


Donald Trump has not played the role usually associated with incoming Presidents.  Most newcomers usually are quietly accumulating their people and building their work schedules for their first 100 days of issues.  Donald Trump became President the moment he spoke out about companies leaving the country with their factories.  Trump also has been tweeting every day.  He is communicating with the American public on a daily basis.

Donald Trump is someone who has to have the last word on every subject.  That is why he is so outspoken on every issue that comes up.  Trump responds to everything, good or bad.

He has pushed Obama right off the stage.  Usually the country is leaderless during this transition period.  The incoming President is usually busy doing other things while the outgoing President gives the newcomer respect by staying quiet.  Not so with this pair.  Obama has tried to do all he could not do during his time in office while the newcomer has been so outspoken he has drowned out the former leader of the free world.

All of these reasons are why Donald Trump will not receive a honeymoon period like the past Presidents have received.



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