wireap_11d37f221a684a4f8c894e1801d0f0ff_16x9_16001The President has done it again.  Anything to embarrass and make the job more difficult for the new President coming in.  Obama has flooded the interior with people who should be in jail.  He has made the job of the military much harder to succeed.  President Obama has made the Russian hacking of American computer systems public just as he leaves office.


The Obama Administration has done all it can to spread out the illegal immigrants across America so they will not be found.  The Border Agents have been helping the illegals they capture resettle in areas where they have other family or loved ones.  Agents have been seen taking illegals to bus stations so they can disappear from the system.   The Administration wants these people to remain at large after the President leaves office.  President Obama wants these people to freely enter the United States, and is against Trumps “wall.”  Obama has shown he is against borders and thinks all people should be free to enter the U.S. at will.


Obama has dumped some of the worst offenders that we have at Guantanamo Bay back onto the fray of the Middle East.  He took people where Americans died capturing them, and released them back into the mess we call the Middle East.  Never let a Muslim sit in jail if they can be free to kill Americans!

Some of these Muslims want to behead Americans if given the chance again.  There is no remorse for their actions.  Obama is dumping them on American troops around the world.  These are killers who will kill Americans if given the opportunity again.  They have killed Americans before, and will do so again.

Obama is dumping them on America.  He is sending them back to the Middle East so they can all fight again.  When they return home, they are considered heroes by the people they fight with.  Only the worst of the lot are sent to Gitmo.  We have now released most of the prisoners who were held there.  Only the worst of the worst remain.  Those are the ones being released now.


The Obama Administration has charged that Russia’s Vladimir Putin ran an operation to destroy America’s computer systems and influence America’s election.  Russia had been trying to influence America’s infrastructure for a long time.  The U.S. has been trying to influence Russia’s infrastructure just as long.  To raise the issue now, with a new Administration coming in, Obama has created conflict with the Russians just as he leaves.  The United States has been aware of Russian hacking for years.  We hack them, and they hack us.  It was a part of the “cold war.”  This activity was so common that the FBI has not looked at the Democratic National Committee’s computer system that was supposedly hacked by the Russians.  Obama has jumped on the issue to explain how Hillary lost the election and cause Trump problems with the Russian government just as Obama leaves office.


The United States entered into an agreement with Iran that allows the rogue nation to develop nuclear weapons in about ten years.  Iranian theology says that Israel should be destroyed by any means possible.  Approving their development of nuclear weapons is just the mischief Obama wants Trump to deal with.

Russia is delivering nuclear material to Iran (maybe some of the United States material Hillary sold them when she was Secretary of State).  Experts have said the material is enough to build ten nuclear bombs.  Add this to Iranian development of missiles capable of striking the United States, and you can see why this will be a concern for the incoming Trump Administration.

The Obama Administration is doing all it can to make things as difficult as possible for the incoming Trump Administration.  If Donald Trump comes in and settles these problems, it will be good that Barack Obama will be local so he can comment on the new Presidents success.


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