obama-11Obama just can’t leave office gracefully.  This “lame duck” President who only has a few days left in his term of office, just can’t leave without causing as many problems as possible for the incoming Administration of Donald Trump.  The two term Democrat is acting like a spoiled brat in his final month.  He is deliberately acting as though Trump is an enemy of the country.  Obama has listened to Trumps campaign promises and is making it as difficult as possible for the new Administration to succeed.


Obama entered into an agreement with Canada to ban oil drilling in the Artic and the Atlantic Ocean.  There is a provision in current law that allows the Administration to withdraw all tracts of land where leases have not been purchased from drilling.  It will be very difficult to reopen these areas to exploration.

Most people think Obama did this to favor the environmentalists.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  It had nothing to do with the environment.  The President could have done this anytime in the last eight years.  Obama did this to stop Donald Trump from fulfilling a campaign pledge.  Trump pledged he would expand U.S. oil exploration and drilling to make America energy independent.  This would also bring about 100,000 new energy jobs from the increased economic activity that would make Obama’s economic policies look feeble.

Another action taken by the President was to designate land in Utah and Nevada for new monuments.  The area in Utah covers 1.35 million acres.  The action protects some important environmental areas but also reaches out to cover areas where there is established pools of oil.  The Nevada area covers 300,000 acres of land that protects fossils and other artifacts important to Native Americans.  The total acreage is about the size of the state of Delaware.  President Obama’s actions were meant to prohibit Donald Trump from using domestic sources of energy to spur the economy and America be damned.


The refugee problem around the world is getting worse by the day.  Australia and the United States have entered into a refugee resettlement agreement where the United States will accept into this country refugees from the conflicts in the Middle East.  The refugees are currently housed in an Australian funded offshore detention center at Nauri and Manus Islands in Papua New Guinea.  The agreement was originally reached in September, but was finalized now due to the American election outcome.  The United States has agreed to take up to 1800 detainees that were not accepted in Australia.

The agreement was hastily put together, which left loopholes for the incoming Trump Administration to withdraw from the agreement.  The U.S. State Department is starting the vetting of the refugees on Nauru Island this week.  Many of these people are Muslim refugees from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  The Obama Administration is trying to process as many refugees as possible so they can be processed and enter the United States before Trump takes office.


President Obama, raised as a Muslim, has never been a friend of Israel.  He finally has an opportunity to strike the Jewish state where it really hurts.  Earlier this year Obama sent his political team to Israel to try to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu, who was running for re-election.  The Prime Minister and American President have never been friends, but the animosity the President shows for Israel can not be ignored.

There have been over 20 resolutions introduced in the United Nations to move Israel’s border back to where they were before the 1967 war.  The U.N. wants this land to be given to the Palestinians for a new State.  Notice there is no other country required to give the Palestinians ground for a new country.  The Palestinians still refuse to recognize Israel’s right to exist.  The United States has used its veto power to defeat these resolutions.  Well, not this time.  The United States abstained from the vote so the resolution passed.  It can never be undone.  Any attempt to reverse the resolution will be vetoed by Russia or China.

This means that the world organization will no longer recognize Israel’s borders, new housing in the disputed land, Jerusalem as the Capitol, or Israel’s right to defend this land.  The U.N. also recognizes the Palestinians right to statehood.  This is similar to the U.N. saying that four western states belong to the native Americans and are no longer part of the United States.

The Obama Administration has denied any action to help pass this resolution.  That statement has been proven to be false.  The United States orchestrated the vote and worked tirelessly to see it passed with Egypt and other nations.


The Obama Administration has charged Russia with attempting to hack America’s computer systems to influence our national elections.  With righteous indignation the Obama Administration has acted with three weeks remaining in his Presidency.  He acted on information he has had since July 2015.  It sure took him a long time to wake up and take action.

There is no evidence that Russia corrupted the American election.  We suspect that the Wikileaks information may have come from Russian sources, maybe.  But with none of the voting machines connected to any internet connection, it is impossible for the Russians to actually control the vote.   They may have controlled the information the public had before the vote was taken.  This should be investigated by the new Trump Administration, but Obama certainly should not have created an international incident thee weeks before he leaves office.  By refusing to counter Obama’s actions, Vladimir Putin showed more maturity and showed he was the adult in the room.  Putin would not allow Obama to destroy the relationship between the two countries.

Although Obama and Trump speak about how smoothly the transition is between the outgoing and incoming Administrations, Obama’s actions are anything but smooth.    Our nation deserves better.


One response to “OBAMA’S FINAL ACTS

  1. Very well done and Hussein is not done yet, I’m afraid. Meeting with den leaders this week about Obamacare. I would like to think that what he is doing now is his real legacy. I believe it is. This is going to be one hell of a ride. Obama is renting office space in DC.

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