240318554361Most people think Donald Trump will spend his time fighting the Democrats in Congress who will try to derail his programs.  WRONG!  The new President will find he has a hostile Congress because of the Republican leadership.  And the days when he can go to the “Blue Dog Democrats” are gone because those people have been replaced by Republicans.

Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Mitch McConnell, Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate, have already said that Congress has it’s own agenda going forward, and it has nothing to do with Trumps plan for his first 100 days.  The programs that come with the new Commander in Chief will be put on the back burner until Congresses agenda is satisfied.

Ryan has not named any Committee Chairmen yet.  Conservatives in the House want someone other than Ryan as speaker.  If Ryan does not get their support for the post, he will punish them with lousy committee assignments.  With no committee leadership assignments, Congress can not move forward with any legislative business.


Mitch McConnell is not a Trump supporter.  The Kentucky Senator has shown no love for the President Elect.  McConnell is a member of the “old school” where the system provides the spoils.  He worked long and hard to climb the political ladder to gain his position as Senate Majority Leader.  The last thing McConnell wants is for this big mouth, upstart to come into office and change the way Congress works.  “Draining the swamp” refers to him.  Mitch spent too many years under the Democrat control of the Senate.  For the past few years he has tasted the majority leadership and does not want the system changed now that he is in the majority.  The Senate Republicans have their own agenda.  Trump’s agenda is not on their radar.  Presidents come and go but Congress goes on forever.


The Speaker never did get on the Trump train before the election.  After Trump made a comeback in the polls, Ryan made peace with Donald Trump, sort of.  He never said he would actually vote for the New York businessman, although he did say he did vote for the New York businessman.  Paul Ryan wanted anyone but Trump to lead the ticket.  He was very outspoken about his lack of support and respect for the GOP nominee.  Ryan stated his only concern was to re-elect a Republican majority in the House of Representatives.  He did not feel that Trump could deliver votes for the down ticket candidates.  Ryan then did all he could to destroy Trump so his influence would not help the party.  Video tapes of Ryan’s comments were used by the Democrats in their ads against Trump in the General Election.

Ryan finally accepted Trump’s efforts to make peace.  They have met and spoken several times since the election.  Both men realize they need each other.  But this peace is very fragile.  As long as the policies overlap, there will be harmony.  However, Trump has plans that are not on Ryan’s radar.  Will Ryan use up his political capital advocating policies promoted by Trump that the Speaker does not want?  Time will tell.


There is a move by Democrats who can not mentally handle the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the Presidential election to try to steal the election through the Electoral College.  They have started a media campaign to convince the Electoral College electors to defy their state voters and refuse to cast ballots for Donald Trump.  This has been followed up by personal harassment against the Electors.  This is the last chance for the Democrats to win the Oval Office this year.

The Obama Administration has joined the campaign by claiming that Vladimir Putin’s Russia hacked our computer systems and influenced the American election to favor the Republicans with the full knowledge of Donald Trump.  The White House claims they have had the knowledge of the Russian attacks since March of 2015.  Apparently, it did not concern them until Clinton lost the election.

There is a move by the Democrats and the Obama Administration to brief the Electoral College Electors by the intelligence agencies prior to voting on Monday, December 19th in their state capitols.  There are over 50 Democrat Electors who are demanding a briefing from James Clapper, who oversees all the intelligence agencies.  All of these electors will be voting for Hillary Clinton anyway.  The goal is to get enough Electors to withhold enough votes to deny Trump the victory he won at the polls.  If Clinton does not capture enough of the defector votes to claim the Presidency, then the House of Representatives will choose the next President.


George Soros, Michael Moore, Black Lives Matters, and other leftist groups are planning demonstrations during the Presidential Inauguration on January 20th.  Their goal is to disrupt the peaceful change of power event to such an extent that the activities will be forced indoors where the supporting crowd will not be able to witness the activities.  These groups claim their demonstrations will be larger and more disruptive than any since the Viet Nam War era.

All of these activities are meant to weaken Trump to the point where he will be ineffective once he is sworn into office.  They claim he is not legitimate because he will reverse many of the policies of the current Obama Administration.  They will stop at nothing to derail and stop Trump from implementing his campaign promises.

Here is something to watch for.  Donald Trump traveled to, campaigned in, and addressed the problems of the inner cities.  This was new territory for a Republican candidate.  He did not win the inner city.  He did not win the African American vote.  But he did much better than former candidates.  The Hispanic vote was better than his predecessors.  Clamping down on the illegals actually helps the legal immigrants and Hispanic citizens by eliminating the illegals from competition in the job market.  If he delivers on his promises to these people, he will break a big part of the Democrat coalition.

Trump is very possibly building a coalition that could dominate the political landscape for a long period.



  1. The White House isn’t just claiming Russia hacked our election. So is the FBI, the CIA, and anonymous with the latter three saying they will offer up proof.

    Generally though, I agree about his congressional problems. Going to be a rocky ride for the President Elect. .

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