3141-counties-trump-won1America has just gone through it’s self analysis that takes place every four years.  Yes, the election is over, maybe, not counting the recount movement.  There are two different Americas today.  The polarization of the nation is wider than I can ever remember.

Rioters are in the street because Donald Trump won the election.  They are not rioting against Donald Trump, but are rioting against those who voted for the Republican.  They want to change the way the elections are held.  They want to end the Electoral College in favor of the popular vote.  If this happened, then candidates would spend all their time in the big cities and ignore rural America where the population is thin.  It does not matter to them if voters are neglected, their candidates would be favored, and that is all that is important.

This group rejects public authority groups.  As our police are killed in our streets, these people cheer.  They support our soldiers but hold our military structure with disdain.  They feel the authority is keeping them from having the things they want.  They blame the American structure for their personal failures and shortcomings.

The Democrats reject the outcome of the recent election because they look at the conservatives as being evil.  They believe that the election outcome proves that America is racist, sexist, and all the other terms that fit a bigoted electorate.  If you didn’t vote for the Democrats, you were a bigoted hatemonger.  There is no room for a moral opposition.  They break down the population into the various groups, African American, Hispanic, rich, poor, gay, straight, Christian, atheist, etc.  They support keeping the different ethnic groups separate from each other.  They support these groups speaking their native languages and keeping their own cultures separate from the rest of the country.

The liberals want religion stripped from our culture.  They have a particular disdain for Christianity.  They are more tolerant of the other religions.

The political left of America wants more benefits given to the population.  They campaigned on free higher education for all.  They want lower requirements for welfare, food stamps and other social benefit programs.  They want income redistribution by making the wealthy pay much more of their earnings in taxes so the government has the money to distribute.  They want to punish the wealthy for their success.

This group wants a bigger, more controlling Federal Government.  They believe the government should regulate everything.  They believe that the government experts should have more control over our lives.  They believe that government has a responsibility to take care of all the peoples needs.  These people view the American flag as a symbol of American imperialism.

The liberal left does not believe in borders.  People should be free to move freely anywhere in the world without restriction.  They look at the world as one unit, and believe that there should only be one government, the United Nations.  They believe that just because we in the United States are blessed with natural resources, it means that these resources should be shared with the rest of the world.  However, they are against using any non renewable natural resources even if the people suffer as a result.

The polar opposite also exists in America.  There is a sizable number of people who respect authority.  They respect our police and other authority figures.  They oppose those who demonstrate or riot anytime a police officer has to shoot a suspect.  They support the American military, along with the individual soldier.

This group takes pride in America.  The polar opposites believe in controlling our borders.  They believe in immigrants assimilating into the American culture.  They oppose minority groups keeping themselves separate from the rest of the culture.  This group favors English as the official language.  This group believes that all immigrants should enter the “melting pot” just like the immigrants that entered the country in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

The work ethic of this group is much different than that of the liberal view.  The conservatives are much more independent than the liberals.  This group feels government should only tackle issues that can not be solved by the individuals themselves.  They believe that those who take risks, should be rewarded for their efforts.  They believe that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.  The conservatives recognize there are some who need a helping hand to succeed.  They believe that those who need help should get that helping hand until they are back on their feet.  That helping hand is not to be used as a life long crutch.

This group believes in freedom of religion.  They believe in the Constitution, and all it stands for.  They see the American flag as a reverent symbol of the greatness of America.

The two groups are really pretty far apart.  The number of people who are between these two groups are disappearing.  As time passes, the groups are polarizing.  The political discourse is such that discussions are very heated.  The two sides seem to spend a lot of time talking at each other instead of talking to each other.  The leadership votes in Congress elected the same people who have served in the last term.  That means there will be no change in philosophy on either side.

I must admit that the definitions I used for each group has my own prejudices built in.  That’s another problem we have in this society.  We define the other group the way we want, not necessarily the way they actually are.  I do not see our society ever moving closer together.  This divide could someday destroy the country.


2 responses to “THE TWO AMERICAS

  1. Randy, It is the dependence on government and the idea that it is appropriate for it to mandate what is socially acceptable speech or conduct that will lead to the nations demise. Individuality is being smothered and not for the betterment of society as a whole. It is this loss of independence that for the most part lead to Trumps election as President. It was the way of mainly those in non-urban areas to make their deep seated feelings (and voices) heard. Maybe, just maybe, it will be a wake up call to elected officials. So far that does not appear to be the case, but only time will tell.

  2. Counselor:
    The Dems have re-elected their House leadership…all folks -OVER- 70/ Cong Ellerson {sp} MI is a muslim …..How Long will it take Dems to bounce back? Me thinks the latter ,is in the Donald’s hands…Hmmmm
    Off to the Citadel Christmas concert tonite…..CAH

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