unnamed-5-e14768304776571On November 8, 2016, Donald Trump won the election for President of the United States.  Trump collected over 300 Electoral College votes compared to the low 200’s for his challenger, Hillary Clinton.  Trump won all through the heartland of America.  He won some rustbelt states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin.  Trump won in the Midwest, South and most of the Far West states.  Well over 80% of the land in America was won by Donald Trump.

There are those in America who refuse to recognize Trump’s victory.  People are marching in the streets, breaking windows, burning cars and American flags, and causing havoc wherever they can.  A man was beaten by two punks just because he had a Trump sticker on his car.  Many of these groups are financed by the same people who financed the “spontaneous” demonstrations against Trump during the campaign.


Democrats have a history of refusing to accept election outcomes.  In 1980 Ronald Reagan defeated the sitting President, Jimmy Carter.  The polls had Carter ahead going into the final weekend.  The country was going through a recession, Iran was holding the American Embassy personnel hostage, and President Carter had publicly said that America’s best days were past and we as a country needed to accept that fact.  The Democrats refused to accept the fact the nation was in trouble and needed change.  Reagan faced a Congress controlled by the Democrats.  They looked at Reagan as an old movie actor who was not smart enough to lead the country, let alone the free world.  Reagan’s agenda was being ignored by the Congress.

Ronald Reagan was shot by a mentally ill young man, John Hinkley, who was trying to get the attention of a movie actress.  After the assignation attempt, the nation rallied around the President and the rest was history.

In 1988, after two successful terms by Reagan, his Vice President, George Bush was elected to succeed him.  Bush ran on a pledge to not raise taxes.  The new President, who really did not believe in Reagan’s economic policies, faced a hostile Congress who had been stopped for 8 years from having pork barrel projects in their home states.  The Congress told Bush they would not pass any legislation Bush wanted unless he agreed to tax increases.  The Congress passed the tax package and sent it to the President’s desk.  Bush signed the legislation.  Immediately, the Democrats denounced Bush for going back on his “No new taxes” pledge, even though it was the Congress that passed the tax legislation and tortured Bush for agreeing with what they did.  They drove him from office after one term.

Eight years later, after the term of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush was elected in a very close election.  Al Gore, the sitting Vice President and Democrat nominee, challenged the result in Florida.  Gore chose areas in Florida that had a strong Democrat majority running the Election Boards for a recount.  They counted the votes over and over.  Each time the election committee in those areas (controlled by Democrats) kept changing the rules to favor Gore so he could gain more votes.  Finally, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the recounts had to stop.  It should be noted that each recount was won by Bush.  No matter, the Democrats refused to recognize Bush as a legitimate President.

The new Bush Administration faced a hostile media who also refused to recognize his victory.  Their position was that eventually Gore would finally win one of the recounts and change the election results.  It wasn’t until 11 months later, after the 9/11 attack that the country finally came together to support the Bush Administration.


Donald Trump faces the same hostility from the Democrats and the media.  They again are refusing to accept the will of the voters.  The media is criticizing every move Trump makes.  The say his transition team is in disarray, when in reality he is ahead of all other modern Presidents in announcing his cabinet picks other than George Bush 41, who had a majority of the appointments already in place from the Reagan White House.  The media finds some ultra right group that indorsed Trump and then pounds the President elect over and over about it.  Trump denies any association with these groups and renounces their support, but the media keeps bringing it up again and again anyway.  The media refuses to accept what Trump says, and then paints him as the way they want, not the way he is.

President elect Trump realizes that the press will not give him honest reporting.  He is using other ways of communicating with the country that bypasses the usual media outlets.  He will use Twitter, U-tube, the internet and other sources where he can go directly to the people without the media cutting and twisting his words to reflect what the media wants to portray to its viewers.  Trump knows the media today is an arm of the Democratic Party so he will only feed that beast as little as possible.  The media has brought their lack of access on themselves.  They deserve the slight.

I strongly believe in a free press.  I do not support the press we have today.  Our Constitution gives the press special rights.  They also have special responsibilities.  One without the other is not acceptable.  I do not know how the media can ever gain the trust of the American people again.

I was not a Trump supporter during the primaries.  He was not my guy.  I looked at the President elect as the lessor of the evils.  I still have worries about the man.  However, I think a Trump Presidency is so much better than what we would face with Hillary Clinton in the White House.  The Clintons carry new scandals with them wherever they go.  Four years of that would be unbearable for the nation.

So I wish the Trump team success.  Let us all get behind him and support his policies until he shows that support is not warranted.  Like him or not, the man deserves a chance.  So does America.


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