obama-illegals1The President is finishing his last days as Commander in Chief and Leader of the Free World.  It has been an eight year ride where Mr. Obama saw most of his program implemented into law even though he spent most of that time with a hostile Congress breathing down his neck.  As of right now, President Obama is one of the most effective Presidents in history.  This President has enacted more of his program than any of his predecessors.

President Obama has successfully gutted our military, reduced our presence and influence around the world,  dramatically increased spending on social services, implemented government mandated health care, tore down our borders, promoted the Muslim nations over America, committed us to U.N. treaties that defy our Constitution, and doubled our national debt so reversing any of his policies will be very difficult.

The Iranian Government is demanding large amounts of cash to release more Americans who are being held in the country.  After the Obama Administration paid $1.7 billion to Iran for the last release, the Iranians captured more Americans for future exchanges.  There is a back door rush to reach an agreement on the Iranians part because they know the gravy train will end when a new Administration comes on board.

The Obama Administration is using the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to indoctrinate children to support his climate change philosophy.  At this time, they will only cover general topics.  This will provide a steady supply of voters in the next generation.

The Paris Climate Change Treaty, signed by the United States but never ratified by the Senate, goes into effect now.  The U.N. treaty went into effect on November 4th.  This is a major accomplishment of the Obama Administration.  Since the Trump election, the Administration is pushing to get as much of this treaty into effect as possible.  Obama is still sending $2.5 billion to the U.N. for implementation of this treaty.  John Kerry, Secretary of State has traveled to Morocco to address the Climate Change U.N. group.  There is a strong attempt to get the treaty operational and force the U.S. to stay on board.  Obama obligated the country with an Executive Order, but the Congress never ratified the agreement.  Kerry is delivering the balance of the funds pledged, $2.5 billion, which will never be returned no matter what the Trump Administration does about our membership in the treaty. The U.N. is telling the Trump Administration that he can not back out of the treaty.

Another U.N. treaty Obama is trying to force on the country is the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.  The Administration sent this to Congress for passage last September.  The Senate refused to approve the treaty.  This Administration believes they can act unilaterally without the approval of Congress.  The Administration signed a Security Council bill in favor of the treaty.  Obama is just proclaiming the U.S. falls under it’s provisions.

In September, Obama gave a speech to the U.N. Security Council saying Americans needed to give up some of their freedoms for the better good of the rest of the planet.  He proposed open borders for all to promote safety and security for all.  This is seen as a move by the U.S. to a one world government, run by the United Nations.

President Obama, in an interview, encouraged illegal aliens to vote.  He said there would be no attempt by the Federal Government to identify, find or deport illegals who vote.  Obama has been campaigning for Hillary Clinton as though he was on the ballot.  I guess he will go all the way to the end without ever becoming a statesman.

In other election news, Obama has invited members from U.N. nations to observe the American elections like they do for other 3rd world nations.  They will be free to inspect our election process and certify the fairness of the process.

Obama decided, after the election to admit another 1,300 refugees from the Middle East before the end of the year.  He wants to ramp up the numbers to get as many Muslims into the country as possible before he leaves office.

There has also been an influx of Haitian illegals entering the country.  Border security has been jailing these people until they are vetted and have deportation hearings.  However, in the final months of the election campaign, and with Donald Trump saying he will close the borders, the number entering has risen dramatically.  Because of the lack of prison space, there have been mass releases of these people by the Obama Administration into the American population with the promise that they will reappear for their hearings.  Although most will never be seen again, they still meet the Obama goal of opening our borders.

Democrats on the hill are urging the President to pardon about 750,000 young illegal immigrants before he leaves office.  These are people the President protected from deportation by Executive Order earlier in the year.  Once they are pardoned, they will be protected from the incoming Trump Administration.

This President and Administration has done all it can to remain relevant until the end.  Obama is trying to cement his accomplishments so they can not be undone by the incoming Trump team.  Obama’s move toward the “New World Order” has been dramatic.  After Trump finishes dismantling as much as possible, we will see Obama’s real legacy.  This President could go down in history as the most effective of all time.


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