wireap_f621a782450d412f883d6cf959c79220_16x9_16001The election has come and gone.  The air is chilling as fall turns to winter.  The leaves are losing their color and are falling.  Stores are starting to gear up for Christmas.  Moms are thinking about getting ready for the Thanksgiving day festivities.  Most of the political conversations around the water cooler has ceased and turned back to sports.  The world moves on.

The pre-election polls did not give Donald Trump much of a chance to win.  They had Hillary tied or leading in most of the states Trump needed to win.  There was talk about who would serve in Hillary’s cabinet.  The election was going to be a Hillary landslide.  Trump didn’t stand a chance.

The actual numbers showed something entirely different.  Donald Trump won Florida, and most of the other “swing states” that were in contention.  The popular story promoted by the media is that Trump supporters would not tell the pollsters the truth about who they supported.  There may be some truth in that statement.  However, there is more evidence that the media deliberately skewed their numbers in favor of Clinton to demoralize the Trump supporters so they would stay home.  On the night of the election, the TV’s were turned off at Hillary’s “victory party” when everyone on the old media networks were saying she would win with a mandate.  The Clinton’s knew the real numbers.  Why didn’t the media?

There could be a change in the base of each of our major political parties.  Trump won with the support of middle class America.  He did very well in union households, who have been threatened with job loses and stagnant wages.  This was a Democrat mainstay over the years who swung their votes to the Republican who, although he is a billionaire, related to their problems.  Hillary came off to them as an elitist who flaunted her ties to the “big money” people on Wall Street, much like other “new wealth” people.

Trump also did better with inner city blacks than the previous Republican candidates.  He addressed the inner city problems and chided the Democrats for ignoring these people between elections.  If he follows up on his promises, he could finally break the Democrats hold on this group.  Hispanics also voted for the Republican in larger numbers than any other modern Republican except George W. Bush.

Donald Trump spent time working with the Evangelical groups.  He had two different steering committees, one for Evangelicals, and another with Catholics.  These groups felt threatened with the thought of a Clinton Presidency.  Trump’s Supreme Court philosophy that Justices should interpret the Constitution rather than change it swung the religious groups to support him.  Even though he was labeled by the Democrats as a crude mouthed playboy, they believed he was the less of two evils.  The Evangelical spent millions on radio ads for the Republican candidate.  This went completely unnoticed by the Democrats.

The Democratic Party has been preparing for a Hillary Clinton Presidency for the past 6 years.  It was understood by all the party hierarchy that after Obama had his rein in power, the party would belong to Hillary.  There would be no young, well spoken, attractive candidates to rise up and challenge Hillary for her time on the throne.  Because of that, the party stagnated in developing new talent.

The Democrats future leadership board is rather thin of new voices at this time.  They have a low number of state legislators, the fertile ground for developing new members for Congress.  They have few numbers in county governments.  The Democrats did gain seats in both houses of Congress, but the Republicans control the Presidency, the House of Representatives, the Senate, most state legislatures and Governors, and most county governments.  The future pool of new leaders in the Republican Party is very strong.

Now that the election is over, there is a large group of young people who can not handle the idea of a Republican government.  College professors have cancelled exams and homework because of the trauma suffered because of the election.  Remember when colleges brought in shrinks because students saw Trump’s name written in chalk  on a sidewalk.  Question:  What business would ever hire such people?  What would they do if their pen ran out of ink or their computer crashed?

The left has a paid army of “protestors” who are opposing the outcome of the election.  The media is saying these people are protesting Trump and what he stands for.  In reality, they are not protesting Trump but are protesting their neighbors who voted for Trump and disagree with them.  In the background, the message is: Compromise with the left, give us what we couldn’t get at the ballot box, to bring the country together.  That’s not going to happen.  Eventually, the left will stop funding these groups or the cold weather will keep them home rather than demonstrate.




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