500_f_88274870_ycjcwwd7lztcy6jqqdlj0ertgagtdsp11This is a holiday that I always have a problem with.  When I think of the ultimate sacrifice that so many of our best and brightest suffered, it doesn’t seem to be a time to cheer.  Veteran’s Day is not a day we celebrate with picnics or fireworks or other family activities.  It is a solemn day where we remember those who are no longer with us.  We mourn those who never came home.  We grieve for their families.

But there is another classification for our veterans.  It is those who served and returned to make America just a little better because they are here.  Our military has a way of helping these young men and women grow up.  They have developed leadership skills that transform very well in civilian life.

I am very ashamed of the way our government has treated our vets who were wounded.  Our ungrateful country has given these vets very poor care after they came home.  These heroes have been neglected by the very people who sent them into battle.  Our veterans hospitals are disgraceful.  The scandals are covering many Administrations.  Donald Trump made our veterans an issue in the campaign.

From the Revolutionary War which founded our country, to the French and Indian War, the War of 1812, the Civil War, our country had gone to battle.  Our soldiers have fallen to keep America free.

This weekend, stop an older vet and talk to him about his/her service.  The older vets who are wearing the jackets or hats.  These people have amazing stories to relate to us.  If they didn’t want to be recognized they wouldn’t be wearing the stuff.  These are the people who defeated Hitler and Japan.  They liberated Europe.  They fought all over the world to keep us free and safe at home.  These World War II vets are truly special people.

Then they came home and found America in disarray because of all the things that were postponed and diverted to the war effort.  These vets jumped in and rebuilt America.  The would later be called the “Greatest Generation.”

Some of these vets along with the next generation went back into service to help stop the flow of communism in Korea.   The American soldier again stepped forward to protect our allies.

These were not the only vets who are among us.  We had over 50,000 lost during Viet Nam.  That was a war where we never lost a battle but lost the war.  The American soldier learned to adapt to a new style of battle.  These soldiers came home to an America that was deeply divided over their service.

Finally, we have the various Gulf Wars over in the Middle East.  Our fighting men and women again showed we were the best fighting machine in the world.

All of these vets are with us today.  They, and their families, have all made personal sacrifices to keep us safe.  This is a day to honor them for their service to our country.

Even though some have made it fashionable to protest our flag and what it stands for, fly your flag proudly.  This cloth is what covers our fallen soldiers when they come home for the last time.  We wrap them in this warm blanket of stare and stripes to show them we will now protect their remains forever.


One response to “VETERAN’S DAY 2016

  1. Like it and glad that you sent on the birthday of the USMC whether you intended to or not. It reminds me to contact some of my marine friends.
    The election is over and the ruling is about to begin. Fodder for your wit and vocabulary. I can hardly wait. Army Strong and temper fi!

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