hillary_laughing1Hillary Clinton has many problems going into November 8th.  Her campaign has been racked with scandal after scandal.  It seems as though they are finally starting to stick.  Although the media does not cover most of them and social media doesn’t cover them at all, there is enough getting into the consciousness of the public to start having an effect.  Someone like me should wish Hillary wins so I will have endless blog material for the next four years.  The words Clinton and scandal are synonymous.


FBI Director James Comey had a revolt on his hands from his own agents.  It has been reported that up to 100 FBI Agents planned to resign before the election because Clinton was not indicted.  The Agents never stopped investigating Hillary because they all believed she was guilty of crimes.  They knew that James Comey would be forced to reopen the investigation if new evidence was presented to him, so the agents went out and found it.

A Freedom of Information request to the FBI resulted in the release of 129 pages of documents relating to the pardon by Bill Clinton of financier Marc Rich.  Rich made a large contribution to the Clinton library just before the pardon.  The FBI has an open investigation going on this pay for play event.

The State Department, working with the Clinton campaign, asked the FBI to reclassify documents on Hillary’s server so she could claim that nothing was classified.  The FBI refused the request, and Hillary Clinton made the claim anyway.

There are reports that Huma Abedin has rolled over on Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.  She fears she will face years in prison for the information found on her laptop.

The recent information, mostly leaked from FBI agents involved in the investigations, reveal that there has been an investigation of the Clinton Foundation for over a year.  The Clintons are being investigated for “pay for play,” a scheme of trading State Department decisions for contributions to the Foundation or speaking fees directly for Bill.  Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General of the United States has apparently refused to allow the FBI to present their evidence to a Grand Jury.  Without that presentment, no charges can be filed against the Clintons or the other Foundation personnel.

Hillary Clinton’s server has been hacked by at least five foreign hackers according to the FBI.  Classified information has been exposed and it is very likely that America’s security has been compromised.

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York has been investigated again for sexting with a 15 year old girl.  His computer has been taken by the FBI for examination.  The FBI has found State Department documents relating to the Clinton server.  The laptop has reportedly held 650,000 emails.  Most, but not all of these emails relate to the Clinton server investigation.  Huma Abedin, Weiner’s estranged wife and Clinton top aide, jointly used the family laptop with her husband.  It was leaked on Friday that in the 650,000 emails found on Weiner’s computer were documents that belonged to the State Department that were not turned over to the government.  These were work related and show Hillary Clinton at the very least committed perjury in her Congressional testimony and that she also lied to the FBI in her interview.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch appointed Peter Kadzik, the Assistant Attorney General, to be the liasison to Congress in the email matter.  Kadzik denied the request from Congress for a Special Prosecutor earlier this year.  It turns out he is a close personal friend to John Podesta, Chairman of Hillary’s campaign and a close personal friend.  Kadzik has provided the Clinton campaign the inner workings of the investigation.


Through the various releases of documents by Julian Assange it has become apparent that the upper staff of the Clinton campaign do not like a lot of groups.  These include Christians (especially Catholics), Jews, gays, blacks, conservatives, the poor, southerners, mid westerners, and just about anyone who doesn’t live in the Washington-New York corridor.  There just seems to be a lot of hate in her staff.

Some of the released emails show that Hillary is planning to write Executive Orders to reward large donors for their contributions.  Clinton knows that Congress will not pass legislation rewarding these people and groups with large contracts so Clinton can act on her own to reward these people with taxpayer  money, but the Senate does not have enough votes to stop a Democrat filibuster to stop an override attempt.

It has also been reported that Qatar gave Bill Clinton a $1,000,000 gift for his 65th birthday to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State.  Hillary “forgot” to notify the State Department of the gift.  This is in violation of the law.  Clinton signed an ethics statement that governed contributions to the Foundation.  The State Department has the obligation to examine such contributions to be sure there is no conflict of interest.

In speeches given to her Wall Street friends, Hillary said she was for open borders and open trade.  The former Secretary of State told the private group that she would not enforce our borders and was in favor of an open North America zone that people could move freely in and out of the various North and Central American nations.

Hillary also showed her moral code when she was given questions before debates.  Hillary used the information to he fullest advantage.  Reputable people would have refused to take the information.  No worry of that from Clinton.

The King of Morocco agreed to pay $12 million to the Clinton Foundation if Hillary Clinton held a State Department event (again paid for with American tax money) in Morocco.  This, according to the Wikileaks documents, was Hillary’s idea.

Hillary Clinton is a very flawed person.  She does not have the morality of the person needed to lead the free world.  Hillary’s love starts and ends with her personal wealth.  While Donald Trump has made a fortune over his lifetime by building buildings and promoting himself, Hillary has made a fortune by promising to give American tax dollars to others.



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