obama_color-p1President Obama has been a very busy boy recently.  He may have been a “lame duck” as far as passing legislation, but do not count him out as far as his continued impact on America and American politics.  This man continues to make history in a profound way.   Although the Presidential race my have been getting all the media attention and headlines, the President has been making much larger news by his actions.

The President has reached his goal of importing 10,000 Syrian refugees.  But he is far from done.  In the first 6 days of the new fiscal year that began Oct. 1, the President has brought in over 3,000 new Muslim immigrants.  The Department of Homeland Security has publicly stated it is impossible for them to properly vet these refugees.  This is a continuation of the Obama/Clinton plan of open borders in North and Central America.

President Obama has invited members of the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Organization for Security  and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to monitor the American elections just like they do for the other Third World countries to prevent massive voter fraud.  Even Russia may take part in the observations, according to Yury Melnik, a spokesman for the Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C.  This is the first time such a large contingent of outsiders have been permitted to inspect our elections from inside polling places.

Here’s a story you probably don’t know.  The United States has entered the United Nations Climate Control Act.  It becomes official and in force on November 4th.  Congress has never seen this treaty.  They never will.  The President has used Executive Orders through the EPA to place our original approval in the United Nations to signal our support.  After a certain percentage of the U.N. membership signed and ratified the treaty it goes into effect 30 days later.  October 5 India and the European Union signed on so the treaty becomes enforceable on November 4th.   The United States has already paid $500 million toward implementation of the treaty.  Obama is expected to pay an additional 2.3 billion in American taxpayer money to finance the costs of this treaty.

The United States has given up our authority to police the internet.  This has been done through the Commerce Department.  The United States handled things like making sure content was kept free, naming rights for websites was handled in a professional manner all over the world.  Obama felt that having the United States handle this was an insult to the Third World nations.  It will now be handled by a United Nations committee.  So far, there is no decision on internet access cost by individual users other than the cost of using commercial browsers.  This might change in the future.  The U.N. will be free to write any rules they wish.  Obama has already urged the committee to block content that is not defined as “truthful” by the committee, such as blocking the Wikileaks documents.  There is an attempt to use the courts to block the final transfer to the U.N.  Congress could step in and stop the transfer before the U.N. completes their takeover.  Someday soon we may need a new way to communicate.

I was planning to write about the large number of pardons President Obama has issued.  I have heard that he pardoned more people than the past 11 Presidents combined.  However, THIS IS FALSE.  Obama has issued 52 pardons so far.  This is much less than past recent Presidents.  Obama has used his pardon power to release drug dealers and users who have been caught up in the system.  Obama , a former drug user himself, has a soft spot in his heart toward those who have been convicted and sentenced to long prison terms for drug sales and/or use.

The President’s most famous pardon might come just before he leaves office when he will deal with the Hillary Clinton issue that just broke into the news.  The pardon will not just be for Hillary, but for all those involved so the issue can not go forward.  There is evidence that Obama has lied to the American public about his knowledge of the Clinton server.

Most Presidents, as they prepare for life after the White House, refuse to actively campaign for their successor.  Most Presidents, who have run their last campaign, take the position of statesman rather than politician.  Oh, there is the usual fundraising for the party, but publicly campaigning, using the Presidential podium and Seal of the United States, is something beneath the dignity of the office.  Not so with President Obama.  He and his wife, the First Lady of the United States, have constantly used their influence to campaign for the Democrat ticket.


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