jilian-assange-embassy-of-ecuador_51198471Julian Assange of Wikileaks released a series of documents he obtained by someone hacking into the DNC server.  The group has found documents that are quite an embarrassment to the Democrat front runner.  Assange is releasing these documents on a timetable that all of them will be in the public domain before the Presidential election November 8th.  To date, the American media has been scarcely covering the information in these documents.  I will attempt to correct that today with this post.  Just after the first release of damaging material on the Clinton campaign, the New York Times released the first batch of women who charge sexual harassment against Donald Trump.  The media, in concert, ignored the Wikileaks material and concentrated all their efforts on the Trump women to drown out whatever story was behind the leaks.

The media has a habit of searching for morality questions on the Republicans.  Nancy Reagan was supposedly having an affair with Frank Sinatra, George Herbert Walker Bush was supposed to have an affair with his secretary.  Elizabeth Dole was supposed to be having an affair.  George W. Bush was exposed for being a reckless alcoholic.  John McCain supposedly was having an affair.  Mitt Romney supposedly hated animals and mistreated all his employees.  This is a regular charge issued by the media every four years when the Republicans nominate a candidate.  They never find any character flaws in any Democrats.  I am not taking a position on the Trump accusations.  Sorry, I digress.  This post is not about the faults of the media, but about the Wikileaks releases of material not favorable to the Clinton campaign.

The releases show that there is coordination  between Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the major news channels to elect Clinton in November.  Donna Brazile, the current head of the Democratic National Committee and also an employee of CNN actually gave Hillary a question that was going to be asked during a television Town Hall hosted by CNN.  Brazile, a long time Democrat operative and Hillary supporter, was named acting DNC Chair after Debbie Wasserman Shultz was removed for fixing the Democratic Primaries in favor of Hillary Clinton.  The question actually asked was almost word for word with what Brazile provided to the Clinton camp.

Notes and transcripts from John Podesta, Chairman of Clinton’s campaign, were released on Hillary’s speeches to the Wall Street bankers and finance people that show Hillary is for open borders to keep wages down and free trade (TTP) that she opposes in public.

The Podesta emails show that Hillary used intermediaries to influence the approval of the sale of 20% of America’s interest in uranium production here inside the United States.  Before Hillary’s actions, Russia made large payments to the Clinton Foundation to secure the U.S. approval of the sale to Uranium One, a Russian corporation.   Clinton later denied any “hands on” activity in the sale.

The Podesta emails show the Clinton campaign ridicules Christians, blacks, southerners, and anyone who doesn’t live and work within the New York/Washington corridor.  The emails specifically attacks those who are Catholic or evangelical.  The campaign staff thought the Christian religion should be run as a democracy and not strictly as the word of God.

Emails show that the Clinton campaign accepted foreign donations without the consent and knowledge of Hillary.  As it turns out, it is legal for the campaigns to accept foreign donations as long as it is properly reported.  There was an internal debate going on inside the campaign as to whether Clinton should accept the funds because of the appearance it would show.  In the end, the campaign decided to “Take the money.”  Hillary apparently was not told about the decision until it became a campaign issue.  Hillary’s campaign seems to run the show.  They tell Hillary where and when to go and what to say.  It is almost as though she is a puppet.

Wikileaks access to the internet has been severed but the group has contingencies to allow them to continue their document dump.  They promise there is much more to come.  I will end this post here, but may revisit this subject again before the election.


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