obama-un1209251Barack Hussein Obama is ending his eight years in office as President of the United States.  This Muslim egotist refuses to go quietly.  In fact, this final year has been the most active for the outgoing President.

Barack Obama continues to be a very dangerous man.  He is attempting to enact all the items he has not been able to accomplish in the first seven years of his rein.

The President promised to change America and I think he has been one of the most successful Presidents of all time.  This President has not only changed America, but his changes will be very difficult to change back because Obama has bankrupted the country to such a degree that finding funds to correct his policies will be next to impossible.  When Obama assumed the Presidency in 2009, the National Debt from George Washington through George W. Bush was $9 trillion.  When Obama leaves office it will be over $20 trillion.  Obama has more than doubled the debt in 8 years.


The United States has been a “super power” or one of the world leaders for all of the 20th century.  The Obama Administration transformed the United States into a nation that followed the lead of the United Nations, rather than lead ourselves.  This void of leadership has been filled by different nations in different parts of the world.

Our Navy is the smallest it has been since before World War I, or a hundred years.  Our Air Force has planes that don’t fly, and our Army has been cut to the point where we may not be able to fight a ground war.  All these cuts are by design by the Obama Administration.

The only area of military dominance that America still has is nuclear.  That should be the last weapon we would ever use.  Instead, with the lack of a strong Army, Navy and Air Force, our nuclear force is all that’s left.  But wait folks, Obama wants to make these weapons obsolete by joining a United Nations treaty that would end all testing of nuclear weapons.  That means the only nations that would continue to test would be our friends, Iran and North Korea, nations that would actually use these devices against us, especially if our weapons were not operable.

The President has withdrawn America from the Middle East.  As we have moved out, Russia has moved in.  America has kept the Middle East stable so their oil production could supply the world with energy.  Russia may have a different design for Middle East oil.  Some of this oil may be diverted to supply Russia’s internal needs.

The President entered an agreement with Iran to limit their nuclear weapon development.  Our Secretary of State, John Kerry, negotiated for the United States.  The end agreement allows Iran to continue their development of nuclear weapons.  In 10 years, Iran will be free to publicly become a nuclear nation.  Iran is also permitted to develop missiles capable of hitting the United States.

These agreements are side agreements that were not part of the original treaty.  They were kept secret until the Iranians acted in what appeared to be violations of the treaty.  That is when these side agreements became known.

Iran also received funds plus interest that had been frozen since the 1979 sanctions placed on them when the rogue nation took American diplomats as hostages.  These funds were delivered to Iran in CASH.  This allows Iran to continue to support terrorist organizations without their activities being monitored.


The President has driven a wide wedge between different segments of the population.  Rich vs. poor, Black vs. white, Hispanic vs. everyone, Muslims vs. Christians, and Democrats vs. Republicans.  By keeping the nation fragmented, the Administration has been able to bypass Congress and enact treaties by Executive Order.  The President has sided with the looters and rock throwing “demonstrators” in Charlotte, North Carolina over the police, public officials and property owners.

Obama, a previous Constitutional scholar, is constantly defying that great document by using his powers, and some powers he doesn’t possess, to do his will.  Many of his actions will be overturned by the Courts (if a Republican wins in November) but that will take years and many of his actions will not be able to be reversed.

The U.N. Small Arms Treaty (written by Secretary of State Clinton’s staff) signed by John Kerry for the United States, requires all gun sales to be recorded and monitored by the United Nations.  The member States will do this recordkeeping for the U.N.  This treaty has surfaced every 10 years or so since the 1960’s.  Each time it has failed because the United States, under both Republican and Democrat Administrations alike, said it violated our Constitution and the United States would not sign or adhere to it’s provisions.  Under Obama, not only would we sign the treaty, but Hillary’s State Department staff drafted the wording so Obama could authorize U.S. participation.

President Obama is pushing a United Nations Clean Air Treaty in the U.N.  The U.N. was close to having enough votes to pass this legislation.  Some nations have started to back away from this treaty so Obama is pushing hard to get it passed as quickly as possible.  Part of the language in this treaty allows U.N. troops to enter offending countries to force compliance.  This treaty could cripple what little manufacturing America still has.

The internet was established back in the 1950’s to allow the Defense Department to correspond with research centers at the major universities.  Through the years, as it’s usage has spread through the corporate world to practically every home in the country, it has been managed in a fair and evenhanded way.  On October 1st, the U.S. is giving up this responsibility.  The United Nations will now supervise such things as registering web sites and email addresses.  For now, there will be no charge for using the “net,” but there is no promise that usage charges will not be added in the future.  Future content may also be restricted by the United Nations.

The United States has a major push on to admit as many refugees as possible (except Christians) into the United States before he leaves office.  Most are coming from the Middle East, but the Administration has a push to process and release many who have entered from our southern border.  Obama believes in open borders for all.  His Administration has also been pushing to speed up the processing of citizenship applications before the November elections.  It is his belief that most of these new citizens would vote Democrat.

Yes, our President will continue to change America right up to the end of his term.  The question is, will these changes be good or bad for America?  I think you all know what I think.  What about you?


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