hillary-clinton1-1-e14739418924381The former First Lady of Arkansas and the United States, former U.S. Senator from New York (elected without ever living there at the time), and former Secretary of State during President Obama’s first term is in real trouble in her race for the Presidency of the United States.

Although her resume is long and varied, Hillary is very short of accomplishments.  As she slips in the polls, let’s look at the causes and see where she stands now.


Hillary was a young lawyer working for the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee which was investigating Richard Nixon for impeachment.  Hillary wrote an argument that Nixon did not deserve legal council in the proceedings.  Hillary then removed from the library all court cases that went against her argument so they would not be available to anyone who apposed her position.  Jerry Zeifman, Chief Counsel of the House Judiciary Committee, did not fire her as was widely reported.  Hillary did not work directly for him so he did not have that authority.  However, when the proceedings ended, and several members of the team that worked on the case were given permanent positions, Hillary was let go.  Zeifman refused to give her a letter of recommendation.  He has stated he would have fired her if he had the authority to do so.  During this period, Clinton failed the D.C. Bar exam.  She passed the Arkansas Bar Exam so she never retook the D.C. test.

Hillary was First Lady of Arkansas while her husband, Bill, was Governor.  She also was First Lady of the United States when Bill was President.

As the Clinton Presidency was ending, Hillary ran and won a seat in the United States Senate.  She wrote two bills during her tenure in the Senate to name two Post Offices in the state.  She also was a co-sponsor on many bills that were written and introduced by others.

After her unsuccessful run for President in 2008, Hillary accepted the position of Secretary of State in the new Obama Administration.  She served Obama’s first term, resigning to begin her campaign for President after the 2012 election.


It is not my intent to rehash a blow by blow of all the scandals surrounding Hillary.  Emails, Benghazi, Clinton Foundation and the other various scandals would fill out this post without letting me discuss what I want to say.

More importantly, the scandals continue to beat her down.  The American public is getting tired of hearing daily scandal news and is starting to realize that this will continue for the entire time she would be in office.  The Clintons would continue to stretch the limit of legality, and go far beyond,  because that’s what Clintons do.

This week we saw her internet server people take the 5th Amendment before Congress or refuse to show up at all.  They have a legal right to refuse to indict themselves of crimes they committed for the Clintons.  However, the American public was watching, and don’t particularly like what they saw.


Hillary just plain does not look well.  She has been stumbling all year.  Rumors started flowing while she was campaigning against Bernie Sanders.  Hillary would need assistance walking, and at times it appeared she was having a slight seizure while on speaking engagements.

Her collapse at the 9/11 Memorial showed she was willing to hide her health problems from the media and public.  The fact that Hillary went to her daughters condo rather than a hospital is rather surprising.  If this was a first time occurrence, she would have been taken to a hospital by the Secret Service.  Apparently her doctor travels with her.

An hour and a half later, “Hillary” appeared outside looking younger and thinner than she has looked in years.  Her recovery was astonishing.  I received a lot of emails claiming this was Hillary’s double, Teresa Barnwell.  I rejected this thought until I realized there were no Secret Service agents accompanying her.  This was just another Clinton deception of the public.

During the primaries, Hillary would unexplainably be missing for periods of time.  Is she receiving treatment somewhere or does she need to rest due to the tiring schedule of a campaign.  Does she have the energy and stamina to do the job?  That is a question America is now asking.


While on the campaign trail, Hillary is a control freak.  She orchestrates every move.  Her campaign controls the cameras and refuses to allow the small crowds to be reported and shown.  Hillary constantly refuses to answer questions from the media.

As her husband, Bill, and President Obama have stood in for her this past week, there is an obvious uptick in enthusiasm and energy provided by the surrogates.  This contrast with the slow, methodical Hillary does not paint her in a good light.  Hillary really does not like people and it shows on the campaign trail.  She shows an arrogance or disdain for the “little people” she is trying to attract.  It is fine to attack your opponent but you do not attack their supporters. Her “deplorables” statement will stay with her for the balance of the campaign.


Hillary’s VP pick, Tim Kaine, was not told about Hillary’s pneumonia until Sunday when the media was informed.  Her own pick for #2 was left in the dark and appeared inept by claiming Clinton was just dehydrated.  This driving force of secrecy from Clinton (and her Mao outfits) reminds us of the Communists in China, North Korea and Viet Nam.

Although it has not been displayed in public, Hillary does have a reputation of having a brutal temper.  This has been documented in books written about her White House years.  This is the sort of issue that stays under the surface during Hillary’s appearances.  The bottom line is that Hillary, unlike her husband, is not very likable with large segments of the population.

Clinton displays an arrogance that grates on people who live in the interior of the country.  And her “deplorables” comment revealed her true feelings about anyone who doesn’t agree with her far left positions.  Hillary wears her $15,000 pant suits and talks about how she represents the poor.  Her fundraisers, which cost many thousands of dollars to attend, basically tells middle America and those at the lower end of our economy that no matter what she says, the rich are the ones who have her ear.  This hypocrisy is finally being realized by the masses.

These are the reasons Hillary Clinton is in trouble in this, her last campaign.  I don’t think that any grooming by a campaign staff can correct her personal flaws before the November election day.


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