44792226.cached[1]Today we will pick up where we left off last time.  Hillary Clinton is one of the most corrupt politicians in this countries history.  Americans have become tired of the constant scandals that surround this power couple.  It seems that everything the Clintons touch becomes corrupt.  While in Arkansas, Bill was turned out of office and one reason the polls showed was because they had no church affiliation.  They joined a church and resurrected their political life.  But joining a church does not make someone a Christian.  That has to come from the heart or soul.  The Clintons have neither.


On December 19, 1998, the President of the United States was impeached by the House of Representatives for perjury and obstruction of justice.  William Jefferson Clinton vs. the United States Congress was only the second time in American history that a sitting President stood trial in the U.S. Senate.  The case began in 1991 when an Arkansas State Trooper asked a state worker, Paula Jones to meet the then Governor of Arkansas in a hotel room.  This was called Troopergate.  Clinton supposedly made sexual advances toward Jones and exposed himself to her.  Jones fled the room.  She later filed charges against Clinton after he won the Presidency.  Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broddrick, and Jennifer Flowers came forward with similar stories of Bill’s misconduct.

Bill was forced to sit for a deposition in which he denied the claims made by Paula Jones and the other women.

Finally, an intern named Monica Lewinsky was accused of having an affair with the President in the White House.  Hillary was put in charge of a campaign to smear, discredit and destroy the women in such a way that no further women would come forward.  Hillary used private investigators, media leaks, and even government agencies to destroy the women.

When the truth finally came out, the President was accused of perjury in his deposition in the Jones case.  The court (U.S. Senate) ruled along party lines in Clintons favor.  The Senate did not get the 2/3 vote required to remove him from office.  The ruling means that the President of the United States is not required to tell the truth in depositions while serving in office.  The Arkansas Bar Association did withdraw Bill Clinton’s law license over the case.


While serving as President, the Clintons used their position to sell government goods and services for personal gain.  These items included graves at Arlington Cemetery, rides on Air Force One, judgeships, seats on trade missions, spending nights at the White House in the Lincoln bedroom and meetings with key members of the government.  Hillary was intimately involved with these actions.

When the Clintons were running for re-election, they were far behind the Republicans in the polls.  Hillary stepped in and created what was to be called Chinagate.  Hillary organized a scheme where the Clinton Gore campaign took bribes from Chinese banks to finance their re-election campaign.  Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown sold seats on trade junkets to China under Hillary’s directives.  The operation got so bad that Congress held hearings in the matter.  Ron Brown was to testify upon his return from such a trip but was killed in a plane crash.  The Democrats uncovered financial wrongdoing by some Republicans, so the inquiry was stopped.

It is suspected that Hillary sold her office to Russia by agreeing a uranium sale that the State Department had to approve.  Bill Clinton gave a $500,000 speech in Russia right before the sale.

At the conclusion of their time in office, Presidents issue pardons to deserving prisoners.  Bill was no different.  Pardongate was a scandal where Bill Clinton gave a pardon to Marc Rich, a tax evader who was indicted on 50 counts of fraud, racketeering, almost $50 million in tax evading, and trading with Iran while under sanctions.  Rich was hiding in Switzerland.  Rich made large contributions to Hillary’s Senate campaign and also Bill’s library.  Once the pardon was issued, Rich was removed from the FBI’s Most Wanted List.  Rich was now free to return home.  Hillary’s brother, Hugh Rodham, received large payments in return for promises of pardons from Bill Clinton.  Two people who paid for the pardons were Glenn Braswell, a convicted swindler and Carlos Vignali, a drug dealer.  Both were successful in receiving their pardons.

When the time came for the Clintons to leave the White House after the election of George W. Bush, they attempted to take White House furniture, gifts and furnishings that cost in excess of $190,000.  Hillary was the person put in charge of the move.  The items were sent to their new million dollar home in Chappaqua, N.Y.  The General Accounting Office itemized the missing items and sent a bill to the Clintons for the items they took (stole).  All of the items were recovered and returned to the White House.  The incoming Bush Administration, as a goodwill effort towards the Democrats in Congress ended all the ongoing investigations of the Clinton activities.


Hillary was elected as a Senator from New York.  Her tenure in the U.S. Senate is highlighted by her legislation to name a new Post Office building.  However, there is one major event that stands out.  After the 9/11 attack, and the war in Afghanistan, the Bush Administration proposed to attack Iraq.  They went to Congress for approval.  Hillary gave a speech on the floor of the Senate saying that while First Lady she was in briefings where intelligence showed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.   This went unchallenged.  To my knowledge Hillary never had security clearance to allow her to see such evidence.  And if she was shown that information, her husband was guilty of a major security breach.  Hillary’s remarks on the Senate floor helped secure Senate approval for the war in Iraq.

Hillary won re-election in 2006 and began her campaign for President.  She was defeated in the primaries by Barak Obama, another Senator with a paper thin record.

What was unknown to the general public during this time was the establishment of the Clinton Foundation.  Bill and Hillary set up a foundation that brought in hundreds of millions of dollars.  Most of the funds came from a Canadian charity they established to funnel the funds into the United States.  Under Canadian law, it is illegal for charities to disclose their source of funding.  Foreign governments gave money to the Canadian charity.  These funds were bundled together and sent to the Clinton Foundation.  Hillary used her position as Senator to steer legislation in favor of the donors (unproven).

In March of 2008, Hillary gave a foreign policy speech, and claimed that on a trip to Tuzla, Bosnia, while she was First Lady, she was on a plane that had to spiral in as it was under attack from snipers.  Instead of having a receiving ceremony at the airport, they had to run to their vehicles to get to a secure place.  It turns out the trip was filmed by the media, and not only was there no sniper fire, Hillary was presented with a gift from an 8 year old girl at the airport.


After the Clinton defeat to Obama, Hillary was appointed Secretary of State for the new Obama Administration.  It was pretty obvious that Hillary and Obama were not friends.  Obama needed Hillary as part of his Administration to stop her from starting her next Presidential campaign until after he won re-election.  Hillary needed to better her resume with more experience.  It was a marriage of convenience.

Hillary and her top aids declined to take the ethics seminars for all new State Department employees.  It would become quite obvious that Hillary had no intention of following the ethics guidelines.  After all, the Clintons are special.  The rules for the masses do not apply to them.

Hillary continued her work with the Clinton Foundation.  Only now, she had the State Department to trade for the donations.  Bill also continued to give half million dollar speeches around the world, and Hillary’s State Department continued to grant favors to the donor countries.  This is the real reason Hillary set up the private computer server.  She needed to keep her Foundation communications away from the public.

The existence of the private computer servers came to light during the Benghazi investigation.  Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans lost their lived on the night of September 11, 2012.  After pleas for help were ignored, the four died.  Hillary publicly blamed a video for the spontaneous attack on the Americans.  At the same time, she told her daughter it was an organized, preplanned terrorist attack by an organized group.  Hillary was unavailable that evening.  So was the President, who had an important fundraising event the next day in Las Vegas.

These are most, but not all of the scandals that surround Hillary Clinton.  Don’t worry, the election is still months away.  There is plenty of time for new scandals to be uncovered.  When they are, I will most definitely report on them.


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