U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton gestures as she speaks during a rally at Lincoln High School in Des Moines, Iowa August 10, 2016. REUTERS/Chris Keane

U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton gestures as she speaks during a rally at Lincoln High School in Des Moines, Iowa August 10, 2016. REUTERS/Chris Keane

It is time to unmask Hillary Clinton and remind voters what the majority in the media seem to have forgotten.  I no longer consider the media biased or just an extension of the Democratic Party.  I think that most of the media is just not very good or skilled at their job.  With America’s education system this is not surprising.

There are millions of young voters who were too young to remember the Clinton years in the White House.  They do not remember the daily Clinton scandals that dominated the news while they served the American people.  We, the older generation, need to constantly remind the younger generation, the truth about the Clintons.  The media won’t do it so it is up to us.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have a history of leaving disasters for everyone who touch them, friend and foe alike.  We’ll look back on some of the Clinton past and just remind readers what another four years of a Clinton White House will probably be like.


In 1974, Hillary Rodham was a staffer for the Nixon Watergate Committee to impeach the President.  This was the committee tasked with the responsibility of drafting the report for impeachment.  Hillary wrote a draft for the committee arguing that the President should not be allowed to have representation by legal council.  At the time, there was a recent Supreme Court case covering this very subject.  Hillary removed all mention of this case from the brief, and personally removed all files relating to the case.  She took them to her office so no one could use them for reference.  Her actions were so dishonest, so immoral, that she was immediately fired from the committee.  Her supervisor on the committee refused to give her a recommendation for her work.

At the time, Hillary was dating Bill Clinton.  After her firing, I guess Bill knew she was the girl for him.  Larry Klayman, founder of Freedom Watch, calls the Clintons the ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ of politics.

Hillary became an associate lawyer with the Rose Law Firm.  After Bill’s political career took off, she became a partner.  The firm handled a real estate project the Clintons were involved with along with James and Susan McDougal.  Whitewater Development Corporation bought 220 areas of waterfront property to build vacation homes.  As the homes were built and sold, they were financed through McDougal’s Madison Savings and Loan.

Madison had a clause in the sales agreement that stated if the payments were late, all the previous payments reverted to rent, and the ownership was transferred back to the Whitewater Development Corporation.  This was legal at the time.  People would make all the payments, thinking they now owned the property free and clear, only to find they had no equity at all in the property.

Madison went bankrupt.  Jim McDougal went to jail for 18 months for issuing questionable loans, one of which went to Hillary Clinton.  Bill and Hillary Clinton were also targets of the investigation, but after records that were subpoenaed in the case disappeared, the inquiry ended.  Those records were later found in the White House residence.  The documents had Hillary Clintons fingerprints on them, but no further action was taken.  The Clintons claimed they had no knowledge of how the missing documents found their way into their bedroom.  The maid who found and reported the discovery was dismissed from her White House job.  The Clinton Justice Department declined to prosecute.

While Bill was attorney General of Arkansas, Hillary made a $1,000 investment in cattle futures.  Hillary had no prior experience in the futures market or cattle.  Tyson Foods executives introduced Hillary to their commodities broker.  Tyson was the largest business in Arkansas and a Clinton supporter.  Tyson received favorable treatment on state environmental decisions and other matters.

The broker purchased cattle futures and sold cattle futures at the same time.  Over the next 9 months, the purchase contract made a $100,000  profit while the sold contract lost the same $100,000.  After the contracts were settled, Hillary was designated as the owner of the profitable trade while the broker listed himself as the owner of the losing trade.  Hillary collected her winnings and never traded again.


This is where the Clintons really went to work.  The couple found an agency that puts fear into the hearts of their enemies, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  Under the Clinton years, the IRS targeted all of the Clinton enemies.  All of the major conservative groups found themselves under audit.  All the Republican 501,(c) groups found the same.  Conservative operatives from TV or print were audited.  In later years, the agency even audited Clintons sexual partners, such as Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey.  Not one liberal or Democratic group was audited under Clinton.  Hillary was the supposed mastermind for the policy.  The Clinton Justice Department declined to prosecute.

Filegate was another Clinton scandal while the couple shared the White House.  While investigating another Clinton scandal, Travelgate, the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee uncovered information the Clinton White House illegally collected over 900 FBI files on Republicans who served in the previous Republican Administration.  The man at the center of the operation was Craig Livingstone, a former bar bouncer hired by Hillary Clinton to work as a private investigator for the White House.  The Clinton Justice Department declined to prosecute.

In 1993, one of Hillary’s law partners, who came over to the White House as Deputy White House Counsel, Vince Foster, was found dead of an apparent suicide in a park.  Investigators were barred from searching Foster’s office until Hillary’s Chief of Staff, Maggie Williams and Patsy Thomasson into Foster’s office to remove sensitive files and documents that might be damaging to the First Couple.

Upon entering the White House, the Clintons decided to reward some family members and friends with White House jobs in the Travel Office.  The previous head who ran the office, Billy Dale, had been in the position for many years, serving both Republican and Democrat Administrations alike.  Hillary fired the staff and gave the jobs to some of her friends from Arkansas.  The President has the right to make these changes.  However, Dale was a popular employee, and the new Administration was sensitive to fallout over the change.  Dale was charged with embezzlement.  He later was found not guilty.  This scandal was dubbed Travelgate.  Dale was one of the individuals later audited by the IRS.

I will cover more Clinton scandals in another post.



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