z0vhc70zqnmmqcnv[1]In 2016, America is a much different country than it was a decade ago.  In the past 8 years, President Obama has changed this country from a world leader to a weak follower.  Obama preaches that he has brought our economy back from the worst depression since the 1930’s.  Obama considers the United States the world leader in foreign affairs.  He claims he has made America the most fair legal system on earth.  Obama says America is the safest it has ever been.  Let’s examine the rhetoric to the facts.


At every opportunity, the President of the United States does all he can to divide America.  It doesn’t matter if it is black against white, police against criminals, rich verses poor, or any other groups where he can create polarization.

Obama’s background as a “community organizer,” whatever that means, is to create conflict and exploit it to get what you want.  And this is what Obama has done since he became President.

The President support organizations such as Black Lives Matter, even though they use slogans such as shoot police and other anarchy positions.


The President ran on a program to end the two wars being waged in the Middle East.  Obama withdrew our troops from Iraq and left the country with a void of strength.  This void was filled by ISIS.  The Administration then started purging the military of any officers who opposed his policies.  The military today is filled with social experiments such as females in combat situations, gay and transgender troops, etc.

Those who opposed Obama’s agenda of withdrawal, were retired from the service.  This has the effect of smothering dissenting ideas and positions.  The end result is that we are losing the war against ISIS and have lost our influence in the Middle East area and around the world.

The military ranks have been cut dramatically over Obama’s years in office.  Our readiness and size is below what it was before World War I.  This makes us very vulnerable to foreign attacks.  We are rapidly reaching the point where we will have very few options between surrender and a nuclear strike.  Our military capability in between is disappearing.


Whenever there is a shooting, the Obama Administration immediately renews it’s call for gun control.  The President has threatened to use Executive Orders to rewrite gun laws because Congress has not acted.  Obama does not understand that Congress looking at an issue and deciding not to pass new legislation is taking action, just not what the President wants.  Obama usually makes these comments before the bodies are buried or the crime investigations completed.  Naturally, he blames Republicans for standing up for the Constitution.

As the threat from ISIS and al Qaeda attacks on American soil have become a reality, the President has upgraded his attacks on Americans protecting themselves and their neighbors with defensive weapons.  He is threatening to use Executive Orders to insert his will because Congress refuses to override the Constitution.

It has been reported the ATF has been keeping records of gun ownership from the background checks gun dealers use to clear people to purchase firearms.  This is directly against Federal law.  As Obama has done with other issues, the laws are only followed by the Administration when they favor the position.  If we have another Administration that opposes Americans protecting themselves with firearms, the ATF has a registry of names and addresses of gun owners.

Obama used an Executive Order to reclassify gunsmiths as dealers.  This will effectively put many out of business by imposing on them heavy licensing and regulatory costs that most just can not afford.


The President is insistent on eliminating our borders.  He has punished Border Agents who try to protect our southern border with Mexico.  Obama claims the illegal immigrant problem is down based on the statistics of those captured.  However, what he doesn’t tell us is the Border Agents are required to take the illegals to a processing place and they are then released into the U.S. population.  Many of these are not even registered so there is no record of them even arriving.

The civil war in Syria has meant that we have brought thousands of refugees into the country through a United Nation program.  We have been told that it takes 24 months to do the proper vetting of the refugees.  Obama is now bringing in and releasing the refugees in as little as 3 months.  Even though the Federal courts have banned the program because Congress has not approved it or funded it, Obama has ignored the rulings and continues to release the refugees around the country.  Because the Administration does not inform the States or municipalities where the Syrian refugees are released, there is no way to later track or remove them once the lawsuits work their way through the court system.

In Syria, the Sunni Muslims kill the Shiite Muslims.  The Shiite Muslims kill the Sunni Muslims.  Everyone kills the Christians.  For FY2016, which started on October1, 2015, through may of 2016, the Government reported that 2,235 Syrian refugees have been released into the country.  Of these only 10 (.44%) have been Christians. The rest have been Muslim, with the largest majority being Sunni Muslims.


Obama is now half way through his 8th year in office.  In all that time, he has not yet learned that he is supposed to represent all the people, not just Democrats.  In Obama’s America, the political enemies of his are to suffer under the hand of a heavy corrupt Federal Government.  It does not matter to his government that the Internal Revenue Service, Environmental Protection Agency or the Justice Department use every means possible to hurt the President’s political opponents.  This is the tactics of a Third World dictatorship, but not the world’s largest democracy.

The President uses every speaking opportunity to promote Hillary Clinton and take shots at Donald Trump.  Even in press opportunities with foreign leaders, Obama enters American politics.  Hopefully, our next President will represent all the people in an honest way.  In the past, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Jerry Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush all remained on the sidelines when their successors were being picked.  Each endorsed their party’s nominee, but stayed above the political fray.  They realized that they represented all the people, and left the politics to others.



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