us-capitol-1273914_960_720[1]In this day and age, the word corruption has lost it’s meaning.  There is so much crime in the Federal Government, you would think Bill Clinton was still President.  But it does not end with just the Executive Branch, but affects the other two branches as well.


In the 2008 election that began the Obama Administration, the New Black Panther Party manned the polls in Philadelphia with clubs to discourage whites from voting.  Eric Holder, Obama’s new Attorney General, did not see anything wrong with the Panthers actions and refused to prosecute.  This established a very low ceiling for honest government that would set the standard for the next 8 years.  It is now legal for minority groups to intimidate voters from entering the voting booth.  The standard has been set.

Fast and Furious” was an attempt to sell and then track guns to the Mexican drug cartels operating in the United States.  These weapons promptly disappeared over the border and were lost.  The Administration tried to initially blame the sales on the gun stores that sold the weapons.  As it turns out, the stores did the proper checks before purchase and were told to specifically allow the purchases to go through.  The weapons have resurfaced from time to time in crimes in the United States.  Attorney General Eric Holder  was held in Contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents relating to the scandal.  The Obama Administration has used “Executive Privilege” to refuse to turn over information on the program to the Oversight Committee of Congress and protect his Attorney General.

After the election of Barack Obama, conservatives moved to create 501(c) non profit corporations to raise money to oppose the Obama Administration.  These organizations are legal and the proper way to band resources together to promote a different opinion.  They must be approved by the Internal Revenue Service.  In this case the IRS sat on the applications, refusing to take action on any group that had “Tea Party”, or “Conservative” in their name.  Lois Lerner, head of the Exempt Organizations Department, refused to testify before Congress after giving a statement that she did nothing wrong.  Congress found her in contempt of Congress and turned her over to the Justice Department for prosecution.  Eric Holder refused to take any action.  Lerner’s emails were lost, as were the emails of others who had involvement with the scandal.  The IRS Commissioner, John Koskinen, who was appointed to clean up the IRS scandal, withheld from Congress for 4 months that 422 backup tapes and 24,000 emails were “accidentally destroyed AFTER they had been subpoenaed by Congress. He is now facing impeachment because Obama refused to ask him to step down.

Benghazi was a tragedy that took the lives of four Americans, including the U.S. Ambassador.  Although they requested help, none came to their defense.  Again, the Obama Administration stonewalled the investigation by Congress.  The Congressional hearings uncovered the Clinton email mess.  Although the investigation has ended, the committee is still waiting for documents from the Administration, a full two years after they were requested.

The Administration response to the attack was to blame it on a video.  To this day, that false story told by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has never been corrected to the families of the dead.


The Administration does not have a monopoly on corruption.  Congress gets in on the action.  It does not matter which political party has control of the chambers, the corruption continues.  Actually, what Congress does is not corrupt, because they pass laws to make their actions legal.

As the Congress spent hours debating America’s health care system (pun intended), the final program, passed for the betterment of the country, exempted Congress.  This is the same action Congress took with the passage of the nations retirement system.  They then design a “special” system just for them.

Congress exempts itself from insider trading laws that effect the rest of America.  Individual Congresspersons, during Congressional hearings, are exposed to inside information about America’s corporations.  They trade on this information and make fortunes on this information.  If you or I did the same thing, we would be put in jail.  No one in Congress ever leaves that institution without being a millionaire.

Once upon a time, Congress was made up of people who left their jobs for a short period of time to travel to the Capitol to do the nations business.  They then returned home to report to the citizens what they did.  The rest of the year, they worked in their permanent jobs, in their home area.  Now, when Congress is not in session, the members are raising money and making the plans necessary to win re-election so they can stay there.  Representing the people, other than to win their votes in the next election, disappeared a long time ago.


Our Supreme Court is supposed to be a very stoic institution that interprets questions on the meaning and content of our laws and Constitution.  This equal branch of the Federal Government has a unique place in our history.  The Supreme Court does not make law.  The Supreme Court does not enforce the law.   The Court’s responsibility is to decide what the Constitution and laws actually say.  They are there to settle these questions, and these questions only.

Once a Justice is nominated by the President (Executive Branch), and confirmed by the Senate (Legislative Branch), they become a member for life.  The lifetime appointment is made so neither of the other branches can influence the Court’s decisions.

Somewhere along the line, the members have lost their non-partisan approach to their decisions.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg actually made negative comments about one of the Presidential candidates.  Even though she apologized for her comments, her bias was evident to all.  There is no way she will be able to offer a non-biased opinion.  Unfortunately, she should recuse herself from all decisions that involve the new Administration, no matter who wins.

Ginsburg is not the only partisan on the court.  Every member today is labeled either a conservative or a liberal.  Most votes are pretty much known before hand because we know the political views of the Justices.  No longer are the Justices declaring their vote based on the Constitution.  Instead, their votes align with their partisan views.


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