FBI Director James Comey speaks at a news conference to announce the results of a national Medicare fraud takedown at the Justice Department in Washington June 18, 2015. The U.S. Department of Justice said on Thursday that 243 people have been arrested across the country, charged with submitting fake billing for Medicare, a government healthcare programme, that totaled $712 million. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

Today let’s examine the life and times of Hillary Clinton.  A new email was discovered which Clinton deleted and failed to turn over to the court.  Because Clinton used a home server, and an email address outside of the State Department system, her emails were being blocked by the government system.  When Hillary sent emails to other government employees, they were going into the government spam folder.  Clinton emailed her Chief of Staff Huma Abedin and arranged to shut down part of the State Department computer security system so her emails would go through.  Hillary would not change what she was doing but required everyone else change to accommodate her.


Hillary hid 75  calendar events  detailing meetings with Clinton Foundation donors.  Why these meetings were omitted from her schedule does lead to the question, why?  Federal Judge Rosemary Collyer, overseeing a Public Records case filed by Citizens United, has required Clinton to release emails about her 14 foreign trips for the 2 weeks before each trip.  Hillary was traveling on State Department business, but is suspected of adding in Foundation meetings paid for by the taxpayers.


Hillary survived the FBI criminal investigation.  The FBI Chief, after a year of investigation, spent 14 minutes describing the various crimes Hillary willfully committed.  James Comey then spent 2 minutes saying he thought Hillary would not be charged.  Isn’t that the responsibility of a Grand Jury?  Comey acting as a judge is not part of his job description.

Hillary’s problems may not be over.  The State Department has opened their own investigation into the email matter.  This is strange because President Obama has endorsed and campaigned with Clinton.  With Obama coordinating the Comey announcement with his first campaign trip with Hillary, it is odd he would move to put her back in liability.

Comey’s testimony before Congress also left the door open when the question of the Clinton Foundation came up.  This involved Hillary granting favors to nations that contributed to the Foundation or gave Bill large speaking fees.  This topic is more dangerous to Hillary because the punishment for conviction is harsher.


Even if Hillary does escape legal problems, the Comey speech and testimony before Congress has left a very negative impression with the voters.  The latest poll (ABC News/Washington Post) shows 56% of likely voters believe Hillary should have been charged with crimes over her email problem.  This makes it much harder for her to ever again enter the Oval Office.

Hillary is not a very popular person.  Her personality does not project her as a friendly woman.  While serving as First Lady, the White House staff was instructed to duck into doorways whenever Hillary was walking in a hallway.  They were also instructed to avoid eye contact with her and never address her unless Hillary spoke to them first.

Hillary is also rumored to have a vicious temper.  It has been reported that the Secret Service had to step in to protect her husband Bill, the President, when Hillary went on one of her rants and began throwing things at the President of the United States.

Hillary also appears on the campaign stump wearing $13,000 designer pantsuits.  All of this separates her from the average folks she is trying to influence.  This projection of callousness and coldness toward the voters has not been seen in a Presidential candidate since the days of Richard Nixon.


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