David+Cameron+BuzzFeed+News+Facebook+Host+nEb-HDI7_Xql[1]Our friends across the pond have a lot in common with Americans these days.  The Brexit issue is causing more similarities than anyone previously thought.  Today we will compare and contrast this issue between America and England.  We will also examine how media is responding to the actual vote.


There are two distinct groups in England.  Some are doing very well financially.  Others are less fortunate.  Those who have succeeded have benefitted greatly from the association with the other EU countries.  These people, mostly around London, naturally want to stay a part of the system that created their wealth and lifestyle.  Those who live in the northern part of the country do not see things the same way.  These people have not seen growth in wages over the last 15-20 years.  They are the ones who must bear the immigration inflow.  The excessive regulations that are produced in far off Brussels hurt this group more than the elites because they do not have the income or the lifestyle to adapt without hardships.  These people naturally want to leave the European Union.

Immigration into the EU has been pretty much an open border policy.  There are cities in England where English is not spoken.  Those who now live there have no plan to assimilate into the British culture.  These refugees migrate from the other EU countries to Britain because the British have a more liberal welfare system than the other EU countries.  And the Brits can’t legally keep them out.

The European Union started as a free trade and open market system among it’s members.  In the beginning, it worked very well for all.  By adding in free movement among the member countries, commerce flourished.  Then things started to change.  The Union became more political.  They became concerned with global warming, opening up the countries to immigration from the Middle East (without gaining consent from the individual members), and excessive regulations.

President Obama scolded the British last spring by saying they would go to the end of the line in trade and commerce matters if they left the European Union.  The British did not receive Obama’s message well.  The exit group actually increased their support on Obama’s words.

Many believe the British exit may be only the first of several countries that  might quit the alliance.  The future of the European Union may be in doubt.  Holland will vote on exiting next year.  France and the Netherlands might be next.  Others will follow.


Here in America, we are going through the same sort of rebellion against the elite ruling class.  This is very similar to what our friends in Britain are experiencing.

Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for President, has become an anti-establishment candidate.  Trump has tapped into the rumblings of the masses that are sick and tired of being told what we can do, what we can say, and what we can think.  Trump found the helplessness Americans feel when it comes to our Federal Government.  The regulations that the government hands down daily are consuming our lives.  Americans are tired of our government ruling us.

When our country was founded, the Government stayed out of our daily lives and let us pretty much do as we please, so long as we did no harm to anyone else.  That developed a spirit, an attitude that we could do anything, conquer any obstacle.  It has taken about 250 years to quell that attitude, and government is the cause.

Donald Trump. like our friends in Britain, has said enough is enough.  He has gained support from Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike.  Americans are tired of being over regulated.  Americans are tired of our government refusing to protect our borders and our property.  Americans are tired of faceless bureaucrats deciding what we should do and think.

This is not just an America and British phenomenon.  This is happening all over the world.  Europe and America are just the first to draw the attention.  Other countries and other continents will follow.


The American media has been all over the Brexit story.  They can not believe that Britain would actually leave the European Union.  The media can not understand why anyone would not want to be ruled by the elites.

Their spin is that those who voted to leave are ignorant of the issues.  They say it is racism (something they always say about those who are not liberal).  The media says the “right wing conservatives” dominated the conversation.  And the latest is that 70% voter turnout is not enough to get the true sense of support for the vote.

Here in America, our media doesn’t have a clue about what the country thinks because our national media spends all their time in the northeast and west coast.  They ignore “flyover country” where all the less enlightened people live.  The elites in America wouldn’t be caught dead in places like Kansas City, Columbus, Ohio or Wheeling, West Virginia.  If you aren’t in New York, Washington, Boston, or Los Angeles, San Francisco, you are inferior.

In Great Britain, the media is congested in London and the other areas where the elites hang out.  They didn’t have a clue what the majority felt.

Donald Trump has cashed in on this world-wide rejection of the elites ruling everyone.  I actually now believe that Trump will win in November.


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