Loretta+Lynch+Lynch+Comey+Announce+Charges+xF9pu0VFR-gl[1]When it comes to immigration, have you ever heard of the term OTM?  It means “Other Than Mexican.”  That is a term used to identify all illegals caught entering the United States who are not Mexican.  Most people think it refers to illegals who come from Central American countries.

Recently, it means illegals from the Middle East.  We don’t have exact numbers, but more and more illegals are classified as OTM.

One would think our Government would be concerned about the illegals crossing over our southern border and migrating into the country.  That thinking would be a mistake.


The Department of Homeland Security is actually actively taking part in the scattering of these illegals across the country.  They aren’t actually moving the illegals themselves, they are paying a private contractor to do it for them.  The illegals are collected from the Border Patrol and relocated to other areas in the interior.

The company who moves the OTM’s and the Mexicans is named G4S.  This is the same security firm that hired a man named Omar Mateen, the Orlando, Florida terrorist.  There are other known terrorists in their employ.

Before the OTM’s are released, they are asked to promise they will appear at a deportation hearing when called.  They are given no documentation when released.  They have no address when released.  How will DHS find them for their hearing?

Another group of illegals that are released are those who are captured on the American side of the border but not actually seen crossing.  If they promise they were here before 2014, even if captured within feet of the border, they are relocated within the United States.


In the first four days since the Orlando terror attack, the Obama Administration has released and resettled 441 Syrian refugees.  These people have been resettled across the United States, including 10 in the Orlando area.  434 of these refugees are “Sunni Muslims,” one listed as “Moslem,” one listed as “no religion.”  There were also 5 “Christians” who somehow were part of the group.  The states who received the most refugees were Illinois 60, Florida 49, and Arizona 38.  The refugees were spread over 26 states total.  No communication has taken place between the Obama Administration and the individual states involved.


This past week, CIA Director John Brennon, testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee, stated that ISIL is doing all it can to infiltrate the West with fighters, using immigration programs, smuggling routes, and legal means.  Using these infiltrated operatives in conjunction with native operatives, the potential for attacks on American soil has greatly increased.


The Obama Administration has attempted to hide the truth from the American public.  Much like the Benghazi attack, the Administration has attempted to shift the conversation away from “Islamic terrorism” and move it to something else, in this case guns.  The Department of Justice, under the leadership of Loretta Lynch, decided to release the phone conversations between the Orlando shooter and police.  However, she decided that Americans should not hear anything in the conversations that related to radical Islamic statements made by Mateen to the police.  There was such an outcry by the usually pro Obama media that she later made a second release including the redacted words.

Lynch went on all of the Sunday morning news shows.  The Obama Administration line was Orlando was not an Islamic attack, even though the shooter thought his actions were an Islamic attack, but rather a “hate crime” against the gay community.  She also promoted gun legislation against Americans.  If the shooter did not have access to his weapon, maybe this shooting would not have taken place.


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