Needreas[2]Hillary Clinton, along with her husband Bill, have really joined the 1%.  This couple has made obscene amounts of money in the time since they left the White House.  Let me state up front I have no problem with people earning whatever their talents allow them.  However, I do object when people use me to make their money without my consent.  That is what Bill and Hillary have done with the Clinton Foundation.

The Clintons have been out of the White House for 16 years.  That means there is a whole generation of voters that doesn’t know anything about “What the definition of’ is is,” a whole generation that doesn’t know about Whitewater or cattle futures.  That’s why these subjects need to be brought up again and again so people understand exactly who Hillary is.


The Clinton Foundation was set up when the Clintons left the White House in 2000.  Over the years while Hillary was Secretary of State they have collected $85 million from Muslim Gulf States.  States that contributed were Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the UAE.  It just so happens that the Clinton State Department approved $165 billion worth of arms sales to these and other nations that contributed to the Clinton Foundation.  This figure is double the approved sales under George Bush’s second term and is double what was sold so far under Secretary of State Kerry.  The Clinton State Department authorized $151 billion in deals with 16 of the countries that contributed to the Clinton Foundation.  This is 143% more than what was done during the Bush Administration.  American defense contractors also contributed to the Foundation and were then rewarded with $163 billion worth of Pentagon contracts.  Defense contractors also made personal payments to Bill Clinton for speaking engagements.  The amount paid to the former President is unknown to the public.  Hillary and Bill received money from the foreign sources and then rewarded them with taxpayer financed contracts.  It is suspected the FBI investigation now will cover the Foundation and Clinton actions.


Hillary’s criminal activities started back in the 70’s.  She worked for the Democrat National Committee and was a staffer on the Nixon impeachment case.  Hillary Rodham was fired for falsifying documents to help make a guilty decision more likely.  Even the Democrats would not put up with Clinton lies.  No wonder Bill married her.

When in Arkansas, Bill was elected Attorney General.  He was turned out of office because the people didn’t trust him.  One of the reasons the Clintons were disliked was because they lacked religious affiliation.   The Clintons got the faith to win public office again.  Bill went  on to become Governor.  While serving in this position the Clintons became involved in a real estate deal called Whitewater Land Development.  They and their partners would build homes and sell them to low income people.  The group then financed the loans at a low interest rate.  Sounds like a worthwhile endeavor until you see the small print.  If the purchaser is late (even just 1 day) on making the mortgage payment, all payments made revert to rent.  At the end of the loan term, when the borrower tried to get their deed, they found they had no equity.  After the borrower left, the group resold the property and started the process all over again.  There was a class action law suit filed against the group, but all the documents disappeared from the Rose Law Firm where Hillary was a partner.  They were later “found” by a maid in the White House in the Clinton living quarters.  Although Hillary’s fingerprints were all over the documents, the Clinton Justice Department decided there was not enough evidence to indict Hillary.

Hillary is a financial genius.  She decided to try her hand at futures trading.  Hillary paid $1,000 and entered a cattle trade.  She turned the $1,000 into $100,000 over 10 months.  She collected the money and never traded again.  It just so happens that the broker, James B. Blair,  place the trade in his own account for Hillary.  The broker also entered an opposite trade at the same instant he made the trade for Hillary for himself.  His $1,000 lost $100,000.  It happens he said the trade he made for Hillary were profitable while his own trades were losers.

There are many more historical stories about Hillary Clinton.  As the campaign unfolds, I will be back with some more reminders on why Hillary should have a federal prison address rather than 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


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