635520154779503875-obama-whitehouse[1]I just can’t wait for this guy to leave office.  The real Obama has shown his true colors again and again over the years.  We keep making excuses for his anti-American actions.  Well, after 7 plus years in office the excuses run dry.  Obama has shown no love for this country or it’s history.  He has shown disdain for all the American traditions and customs.  Our President never misses a chance to ignore our Constitution.  This is a (man?) who refused to wear an American flag lapel pin because he was ashamed of our country until his staff told him the country would revolt.  Obama has done all he can to bring America to it’s knees.

Sylvia Thompson, a black conservative writer, has an interesting and compelling argument that President Obama is not fulfilling his legacy but finishing his plan to bring down America.  She goes so far as to say Obama wants to destroy America.  Let’s look at her argument and compare it with the facts.


President Obama has always shown disdain for the military.  He has been reducing our military power since entering the White House.  Military Cadets were forced to wear high heels to support women in the military.  It was not an option.

The Administration has been promoting gay and transgender recruits in the military to better reflect the civilian population.  His bathroom sharing program applies to all government facilities including the military.

The U.S. Army has released data showing our troop count is the smallest since 1940, after the peace dividend after WW I.  The President and his team plan on a smaller force with more cuts in personnel for 2017 and 2018.   The U.S. Air Force is the smallest in its history.  The number of active planes averages 25 years in age and the number of planes is less than what was in the inventory in 1947 when the Air Force was created.  The U.S. Navy now has more planes than the Air Force.  And speaking of the Navy, they have fewer ships than at any time since 1916.  It is argued that the firepower is superior, but when scheduled maintenance is required areas of patrol are left naked.

All this cut in Defense spending has crippled our ability to respond to trouble around the world.  This is being done by design.  President Obama does not want America to be a military force.  We are being systematically weakened by design.

Obama has taken extraordinary steps to enter an agreement that allows Iran to develop a nuclear weapon and a missile system that  can target Israel and the United States without violating the terms of the agreement.  We also released to Iran $150 billion that has been held since the Shaw was overthrown and our embassy was overrun.  This allows Iran to fund their nuclear weapons and missile programs.  At the same time, Obama has promoted a nuclear free world.  He has reduced our nuclear force while requiring no action by the other nuclear powers or those countries who are developing nuclear weapons.

In short, Obama has used his power to make America weaker militarily and less safe at home.


President Obama began his rein as leader of the free world by traveling to foreign lands and apologizing for America’s actions in the past.  His criticism was appalling for a new President.

Our two strongest allies around the world are Israel and England.  Obama has “strained” relations with both.  The Administration has been pushing Israel to withdraw to the ’67 borders, before the 6 Day War.  Even though Israel would become victim to constant attacks without protection by giving up so much land, Obama and his State Department continue to demand Israel give up this security.  When Israel planned to attack and destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities, Obama deliberately made Israel’s plans public and refused to give Israel permission to fly over areas we controlled.  Israel no longer consults with the United States.

The Administration of Barack Obama has pulled our troops from the Middle East.  At the same time, he has worked to overthrow the Middle East dictators who supported the United States.  He has promoted the Muslim Brotherhood candidates to take their places.  Obama would rather see leaders who chant “Death to America” than those who were on our side.

Obama’s father had a hatred for Great Britain that developed when that country controlled Kenya.  Obama has continued his fathers attitude.  Early on, Obama returned a statue on loan from Britain of Winston Churchill.  Upon visiting Queen Elizabeth, Obama gave her a gift of his speeches.  Recently Obama publicly advised Britain to stay in the European Union.  He suggested that Britain would be left out of trade treaties we have with Europe.  Britain politely told Obama to mind his own business.  Relations between the two super powers has been frosty, at best.


Obama believes strongly in the “one world government” movement.  He has promoted the U.N. Small Arms Treaty.  This piece of legislation which has been proposed over and over again for many years, has been rejected by all the past U.S. Presidents.  Obama signed the U.N. treaty and even had Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, write some of the provisions.  The provisions say that all small arms sales must be registered, a record kept for the U.N., and if the U.N. decides to outlaw any or all of these weapons, the United Nations has the right to come on U.S. soil and take possession of these weapons.  Although this violates the U.S. Constitution, a document Obama swore twice to uphold, he signed it anyway.  (Actually he had John Kerry sign it as Secretary of State for the United States).  This treaty has not been sent to the Senate for ratification because there is a lack of votes for passage.  Once enough nations ratify the treaty, it will be put into effect, and the U.S., as a signatory will come under it’s provisions.  The next President can pull us out of the treaty at any time so long as the Senate does not ratify it.


During his tenure as President, Obama has done all he can to split America any way he can.  He had the famous “Beer Summit” where he criticized the Police because they stopped a drunk black man from breaking a window and trying to enter a house late at night.  Obama spun the incident as a cop showing discrimination against a black man.  Now, any time a minority is shot or arrested where a cell phone records the action, there is social upheaval and the police are criminalized.  The U.S. Justice Department usually follows immediately to investigate and charge the Police Department or the officers with crimes.

Obama also drove a wedge between whites and minorities.  He constantly commented on national cases between the groups.  Other groups where Obama caused tensions are rich vs. poor,  old vs. young, gay vs. straight, and employers vs. employees.  Any way possible Obama has caused conflict to stop the country from unifying.  These fractures have allowed Obama to continue to do as he pleases because the population can not come together to stop him.


President Obama claims he came to office and found the economy was much worse than he expected.  He claims he saved us from the worst depression the country has ever seen.  Let’s look at the facts.

In 2009, we were in a mild recession.  After 9/11, when the twin towers fell, economic activity ceased.  We had restrictions on travel and people were not spending.  America pulled herself up and rebuilt.  We had economic expansion from 2002 through 2007.  After that period of growth and expansion, the economy took a rest, or a recession.  This is just the normal economic cycle.

When Obama entered the White House, and having control of both Houses of Congress (a filibuster proof Senate) the new Administration pushed through the Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare.  This legislation created huge costs on business.  The biggest costs are not scheduled to take effect until after Obama leaves office in 2017.  Companies all across the country did all they could to cut costs and employment.  This caused the recession to worsen.

Obama proclaims we have the best economy in our history.   He touts that we have the longest economic expansion due to his stewardship.  It has been a long expansion, but he is the first President in history who has never experienced 3% economic growth in any year.  The workforce is the smallest it has been since the Carter Administration in the 1970’s.  Welfare and Disability Social Security roles are the largest in history.

From 1787 (George Washington) to 2008 (George W. Bush) the United States accumulated 9 trillion dollars worth of debt.  In the short 7 and a half years of the Obama Presidency, the debt has grown by over 10 trillion dollars to 19 trillion dollars.  If interest rates rise, the debt payments will bankrupt the country.  This is Obama’s way to stop the next President from correcting his actions.  There will not be funding available to correct what Obama has done.


President Obama had a fetish about coal.  Before he was ever elected, Obama said that electric utilities that continued to use coal would be bankrupt.  While his clean air legislation continually stalled in Congress, his various regulators were busy writing regulations that become law without Congress taking any action.  As restrictions mount on industry to further clean the air and water, it has become very expensive for industry to operate in the United States.

The Corps of Engineers claims all standing water as wetlands.  This means that cattle ranchers out west have to obtain federal permission to use their own land.  Just another restriction put on Americans by their government.

Obama’s latest Executive Orders concern the use of bathrooms.  Although these regulations only apply to government facilities and the military at this time, they still will cause social unrest and costs on society.  Over time, they will become accepted law on society.


Obama promotes open borders.  His Administration refuses to deport illegals who have been caught entering our southern border.  They are sent to a center where they are registered and then released.  They are told to return for a deportation hearing later, but for some reason none of them come back.

The Administration has also been accepting Syrian refugees who feel threatened in their own country.  Homeland Security has said it takes 18 to 24 months to vet these refugees but Obama insists on bringing them into America for resettlement in 3 months without being fully vetted.  So far during 2016, 1,835 Syrian refugees have been admitted to the United States because they felt they were not safe at home.  Of that number only 10 were Christian.  Shiite Muslims kill Sunni Muslims.  Sunni Muslims kill Shiite Muslims.  Everyone kills Christians, but they are at the end of the line as to who Obama wants to let into the U.S.

Obama has stated that America is no longer a Christian nation.  Instead, the President says we are a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a nation of values rather than religion.

The Administration is being sued by 26 states over his illegal immigration policy.  As Obama dumps undocumented Syrians into the country, he does not inform the states how many or where they are being released.  Federal Judge Andrew Hanen issued an  injunction saying the Government must stop it’s actions until the court case is settled.  The Obama Justice Department ignored the judges ruling.  The judge then imposed ethics training to each attorney who was involved with the case.  He also demanded a list of all the illegals processed and their location, under seal.  The Justice Department is refusing both orders.  The Supreme Court is expected to make the final ruling.


Obama has used the agencies of the Federal Government for political use.  “Fast and Furious” was a gun selling scheme to Mexican drug cartels.  The ATF monitored the transaction.  Eric Holder, the Attorney General, refused to provide information to Congress about the operation.  Obama used “Executive Privilege” to protect Holder after Congress found him in contempt.

The Obama Administration also used the Internal Revenue Service to refuse tax exempt status to conservative groups before the 2012 Presidential race.  Lois Lerner, an IRS employee, refused to testify before Congress.  She erased her email documents after they were requested by Congress.  The Holder Justice Department protected her from prosecution.  These agencies have destroyed the trust of the American public.  They will never again be viewed as anything other than a tool of the future Administrations.

Rather than build a legacy, President Obama has done all he can to weaken America.  He has successfully reduced our military, destroyed our unity, and changed our government to look like a third world nation.  He has done all he can to reduce America from what she once was.  Obama is not legacy building but turning America into rubble.  By multiplying our debt, he made sure we will not easily rise again.  This is all done by design to bring America to it’s knees.


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