arlington-national-cemetery-133189[2]As the warm breeze flows across the plains rippling the new growth of the crops that are breaking from the earth, America celebrates Memorial Day 2016.  The birds have returned from their winter migration, bringing with them the young who have made their first trip.  Some of the elder birds have not returned as a new generation has taken over.  They will nest in the safety of the trees that have ended their period of rest.

Yes, this is Memorial Day.  We will celebrate with cookouts, fireworks and all the other outdoor festivities that seems to celebrate the end of winter as much as anything else.  We gather with family and friends and catch up on what we have done since we last were together.  We have lost the true purpose of this sacred day.

From our founding as a nation in 1776, our soldiers have fought and died to protect the ideals of freedom, both for us and others.  From George Washington to Barack Obama, our soldiers have answered the call and some have made the ultimate sacrifice.  They have always done their jobs with pride.

How many of us really remember what this day is all about?  Unfortunately, most veterans from the “Greatest Generation” have passed on.  This was the generation that saved the world from some vicious foreign leaders who believed in a one world leader, them.  This generation ‘s members fell all over the world to keep America safe for the ones they left behind.  After the war ended the survivors returned home to rebuild America to become even greater than she was when they left.  They then returned to Korea, where they laid down their lives again for freedom.  We all owe a lot to that generation.  Let’s not forget them this holiday.

My generation traveled half way around the world to fight in South East Asia.  Viet Nam was a different type of war then our nation had experienced in the past.  We lost a war without ever losing a battle.  While our leaders failed, our troops did an excellent job.  Over 50,000 fell in that conflict.  Let’s remember them this holiday.

Since that time, our troops have fought and fallen in many conflicts.  From Bosnia to Granada, our armed forces have answered the call.  America has shown her greatness.  We refuse to dominate those we defeated in combat.  We offer them a future of their own choosing.  Those brave Americans who fell on these distant battlefields should be thanked and remembered this day.

America now finds itself in another war, this time in the Middle East.  We have had our ups and down in this war, but our forces have always done their best.  Our youngest and brightest have fallen again.

This is the time to remember all our fallen hero’s.  These young men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe and free.  It is time to recognize them all.  I am not a vet.  I never served, but that does not mean I don’t thank those who did.  I would never take their sacrifices for granted.  We all owe our vets so much.

America, fly your flag on the holiday.  Spend a few minutes remembering those who served and especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice.



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