Hillary25[1]Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have fought the battles for over a year and so far, they are both still standing, or possibly wobbling, but standing nun the less.  Folks, this is the probable matchup for the fall.  One of these two will probably be President come next January.  There is only one way another candidate might win, Hillary’s indictment.  I’ll speak to that later.  For now, let’s get to it.  We have a lot of ground to cover.


Donald Trump is, well, Donald Trump.  This political neophyte has captured the Republican nomination by capturing over ten million primary votes and defeated 16 other candidates.  The Republican field has been called by many political professionals as the best and most qualified group to ever run for the Presidency.

Many of Trumps supporters are fairly new to the political system.  Trump ‘calls it like he see’s it.’  This billionaire shoots his mouth off quickly without spending much time thinking about the consequences of his actions.  His supporters love this about him.  His name calling of anyone who opposes him has shown he has much to learn about diplomacy.

The Republican nominee appears to have a lack of experience in foreign policy.  I personally disagree with his solutions for the Middle East.  He does, however, support rebuilding our military might.

Many people, especially those in the media, consider Donald Trump as a conservative.  The Donald recently released a list of potential Supreme Court candidates.  That list should satisfy any conservative.  But let’s get this straight right now.  Donald Trump is pretty far removed from being a conservative.  Trump is a big idea, big government guy.  He has issued some conflicting statements about having our troops in the Middle East.Trump is polling well in the swing states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  He is currently statistically tied with Hillary in these states.  Another state that might go in the Trump column is New York.  That state has two scandals with New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo.  This twin corruption investigation may swing the state to the GOP.

Donald Trump has expanded those voting in the Republican primaries by quite a lot.  He is expanding the party to include many more people that were not politically active before.  He has also attracted many blue collar Democrats who have become dissatisfied with the leftist movement of their party.  These new additions might actually create a broader base for the future.

The Republican “establishment” fears Donald Trump.  If Trump wins in November and becomes President, then many of the rules the “good old boy network” uses to keep all the leadership of both parties so comfortable will end.  Trump has shown he can go directly to the people to criticize both parties in Congress.

Trump is a smart guy.  He is well educated and has been a very successful businessman.  He knows he needs help with his campaign.  He has work to do to erase the high negatives he has with certain groups.  The thing is he knows this and is putting the right people in place to right his ship.  Even so, in the latest polls released, Trump beats Hillary by a few points.  However, the numbers are within the margin of error.  At least this shows that Trump can potentially win.

This philosophy is also about governing after the election.  Trump needs to show voters that not only will he have the right advisors, but that he will listen to their advise.



Hillary Clinton is a tired candidate.  She represents the ’90’s.  This week she pulled out her husband as the person who will run the economy.  This is the man who had his law license suspended for 5 years for committing perjury in law suits over his sexual activities.  The country was so tired of Bill and his antics.  Hillary ran the campaign to destroy all the women Bill had sex with during that time.  I’m sure Trump will educate the young all about Bill and Hillary’s past during the campaign.

The Democrats have their own war going on in their party.  Hillary has amassed over 90% of the Super Delegates to the Democrat Convention.  Bernie Sanders keeps winning an alarming number of primaries but Hillary’s delegate lead keeps growing.  The Sanders camp is ready to revolt.  So far, Hillary has not been able to unify the two groups.  Hillary does not have the personality to merge the different factions.

Clinton, known for her raging, violent temper and foul language, wishes Sanders would go away.  She has taken positions on the far left, just to the right of Sanders to try to capture the nomination.  She desperately wants to abandon those positions to attack Trump in the general election.  The longer she has to hold those liberal positions, the more likely it is the electorate will remember the stances she took.  Hillary will look like a candidate that will say anything the electorate wants to hear to get their vote.

The elephant in the room is not the GOP.  It is the FBI investigation that started with her illegal computer server in her home.  With what has been made public from many sources is that Clinton committed several felonies relating to her emails.  The FBI investigation is suspected of moving beyond the emails to investigating the Clinton Foundation.  Here Hillary granted contracts and actions as Secretary of State to friends and foreign governments in return for contributions to the Clinton Foundation or speaking engagements for her husband, Bill.

Hillary calls the investigation a “security review” and nothing that doesn’t happen on a regular basis.  The FBI said they do not know what that term means.  They do criminal investigations and have over 140 agents working on the Clinton investigations.  If the Obama Administration chooses to ignore an FBI report that recommends indictment, then expect mass resignations from the FBI and the Justice Department.  Obama’s legacy would be similar to Richard Nixon’s.  Obama would probably dump Hillary if he thought he would be damaged and Hillary couldn’t win.  The likely replacement would be Joe Biden.

We can look forward to a fun summer.  It should be very exciting on the political front.  I can hardly wait!



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