rt_migrants_bestia_630x420_121205[1]The President can not stand to let the current candidates for his job steal the limelight.  This egotist is doing all he can to stay relevant.  The Obama Administration is active in his quest to open America’s borders and work toward a “One World Government.”  There is also a court case that may strip some of the thunder from Obama’s Executive Order pen this summer.


The President has decided to use a special United Nations program to actually bring illegal, unaccompanied youth into the country after they are identified in Central American countries such as Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.  Once identified, the U.S. Government will give them plane tickets to the United States so they don’t have to deal with the danger of crossing the Mexican border.  Once here, under another United Nations program, the illegal youths will be given $17,613 a year.  This is more than the average Social Security payment ($14,772) paid to our senior citizens.  These children do not qualify for refugee status because they are not in danger in their home countries.  Instead, they want to reunite with family members who previously crossed illegally into the United States.

Data collected on the illegal minors who were processed from February 2014 through September 2015 showed that 80% of the 71,000 were released to illegal relatives living in the United States.  Under the U.N. program, by accepting the children, the parents can receive legal status.

The President’s budget proposal has added $1.3 billion for the illegal children.  These children have one year to apply for a Green Card.  They are free to apply for citizenship five years after they receive the Green Card.  After that they can sponsor their parents who in most cases are already living here.  They can also bring other relatives into the United States legally.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced in a memo that DHS has recognized a new form of immigration relief  called Deferred Action For Parents of Americans, or DAPA.  This program, for the first time, uses the “anchor baby” concept into force in the United States.  Under this program, any illegal alien family with a child born in the United States becomes eligible for Social Security retirement benefits, Social Security disability benefits, Medicare, the Earned Income Tax Credit, state drivers licenses, and state unemployment benefits.

A program that began in 2014, the Administration started providing the illegal children with legal council to do the processing for them and to get them released into the community.



The Department of Homeland Security released information to Senator Jeff Sessions that the U.S. Customs and Enforcement Agency has deported less illegals than in prior years.  The number of deportees has decreased by 43% during the past three years.  That’s a decrease from 409,849 removed on 2012 to 235,413 in fiscal 2015.  That’s a decrease of 174,436 from 2012.  The decrease came from those removed from the interior of the country.  Once illegals move out of the border area, they are no longer sought.

ICE received 25% more funding in 2015 than they received in 2012.  That’s an increase of $680 million in their budget.  The Administration claims they need more funds to do the job.  Even though the Administration makes this claim, Obama transferred $113 million from ICE to other agencies.


The Administration has set a goal of admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees during this fiscal year which ends September 30.  To date only 1,353 refugees have been admitted.  The vetting process takes 18 to 24 months.  The Administration has ordered this cut to 3 months so Obama can meet his target.

Of those who have entered the United States, 26% are males aged between 14 and 50.  Females who are this age are 23% of those who have already arrived.  This is sometimes referred to as those who are “fighting age.”  The religious breakdown of the arrivals is Sunni Muslim 97%, and .6% Christian.  There were 8 Shiite Muslims and 1 who was listed as “other.”


There are 26 states that have joined a Texas lawsuit against the Obama Administration over its immigration policy.  The states claim the Administration refuses to enforce the laws legally passed by Congress and signed by previous Presidents.  The states also claim the Administration has created their own laws without input from Congress or the states.

The Obama Administration is racing to get as many illegals and refugees processed and released as soon as possible.  Oral arguments before the Supreme Court were held in April and a decision is due to be released in June before the Court goes on its summer recess.  Obama wants as many refugees and illegals as possible to be released and become invisible before that decision is released.

The Obama Administration is doing everything they can to remake America before they leave office.  Once they have our borders open and illegals flooding into the country, the culture of America will change.  This was a campaign pledge going back to 2008.  Obama also said America was a Muslim nation.  His programs are designed to open our borders to Muslims from the Middle East and Africa brought here under the refugee programs with the help of the United Nations.


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