Sanders-TownHall-Feb2015_6778[1]Bernie Sanders won the Indiana Primary with a surprising showing.  The polls showed he had been closing the lead Hillary Clinton carried into the voting day.  Bernie continues to win support in his race against Hillary Clinton.  The Vermont self described Socialist is running on an extreme liberal platform that includes free college education, free healthcare for the poor and other freebee’s that Attract the young.  Sanders has rallies that are packed with enthusiastic supporters that are much larger than the crowds the former First Lady is drawing.  Bernie just keeps plugging away and is finally getting under Clinton’s skin.


Sanders refused to use the most damaging issue against Hillary Clinton.  The email investigation has been the quiet elephant in the room all year.  Bernie calculated that if the emails were to really become a major problem to the Clinton campaign, then making it a campaign issue would not make much difference.  Other forces would take Hillary out, like the Justice Department.

If, on the other hand, the scandal wound up being false, then the Sander’s campaign would be severely damaged.  With the unexpected success that Bernie is experiencing, he probably wishes he not have declared the emails off limits so strongly.  Bernie has hung close to Hillary all year and the emails, even if not made a major issue, but mentioned from time to time might have gotten him over the top.


Bernie Sanders is challenging the Democrat establishment over the super delegates.  The ‘elites’ of the Democrat Party carry enough weight with the super delegates that they can overturn the will of the primary voters.  While it appears the voters are picking the nominee, in reality, the super delegates, who are given delegate status by just being party leaders, control the process to determine the outcome.

It might appear to be a democratic process, it is really a party boss system that deceives the voters.  Bernie Sanders has raised the issue on all his campaign appearances.


Another constant campaign message is the influence of Wall Street money on political campaigns.  Hillary made more money in one hour appearing before the various Wall Street firms than most American couples make all year with both working.  Although Hillary campaigns against Wall Street, they continue to shower her with funds.  She refuses to discuss what she tells her rich friends at these events.  Bernie continues to pound away about Hillary’s fundraising.  He brags about his average campaign contribution of $27.  This makes him the ‘man of the people,’ and Hillary a ‘fat cat.’

Hillary has refused to release a transcript of her speeches before the big money crowd.  She said she would release her transcripts when all the Republican candidates release their speeches before such groups.

Bernie Sanders has this mad professor persona going for him.  His followers, much like Trumps, are loyal as can be.  Many will not cross over to Hillary and might actually vote for Trump in November.  Many more will just stay home if Bernie isn’t the nominee.

Bernie has declared he will stay in the race until he is officially defeated at the convention in Philadelphia.  Bernie is pledging to use his supporters to make changes to the Party rules and platform at the convention.  This is forcing the Clinton campaign to position themselves much farther to the left than they would like.

Hillary wanted to move toward the center of the political spectrum.  Every time Hillary starts shifting toward the middle, Bernie gains more strength with the Democrat voters.  The last thing Hillary wants is for Bernie to sweep the remaining primaries heading into the convention in Philadelphia.

One thing I fail to understand is why voters seem to forget what Hillary has said for the past year.  After she receives the nomination, she will abandon many of the positions she took to gain the democrats votes during the primary season.  Instead, she will work on gaining support of independents and dissatisfied Republicans.  Once she moves toward the right, why would the Democrat voters stay with her?


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