410_7d68a847-c498-40f7-8cc9-2bc4692d402f[1]Donald Trump has stolen so much air time of late Hillary Clinton has quietly slipped away.  “Crooked” Hillary has not disappeared or disappointed.  There are several new items relating to her legal problems that should be discussed.  “Crooked” Hillary has a new threat to her freedom from the current investigations.  Although the media has been consumed by the Trump-Cruz-Kasich show, there are other news items that have been drowned out.


There were thirty thousand emails Hillary reluctantly turned over to the FBI but there was not an email sent to her by Deputy Chief of Staff Jake Sullivan on the night of the attack.  This email was turned over by the State Department last week. The State Department admitted to the court that the email was discovered in 2014 but it was decided by State to not turn it over to the court. In this email, Sullivan said the attack was organized by a para-military, al Qaeda type group.  This is in direct conflict with Hillary’s testimony before Congress.  In other words, she committed perjury.  Although she repeated this lie to the families of the fallen, that was not a crime, just a Clinton moral lapse.

The State Department was responding to a 2014 Freedom of Information request filed by Judicial Watch to see how the famous “talking points” were developed.  When the Obama Administration refused to turn over the information to Judicial Watch, the group filed a lawsuit to obtain the material.  Because of the reluctance of the Administration to respond with the information, U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth granted “limited discovery” to Judicial Watch.  The judge ruled that the Administration acted in bad faith.  The Freedom of Information request and lawsuit were filed before Hillary had her server scrubbed.


The Clinton server specialist, Bryan Pagliano, refused to testify about the work he did for Hillary Clinton.  He took his 5th Amendment rights before Congress.  Since that day, Pagliano has been granted immunity from prosecution for his work for Hillary.  It has been reported he is now cooperating in the investigation and has given the FBI valuable information on material that has been on the server.

Pagliano has been called on to testify again before Congress but the FBI has asked Congress to postpone his testimony until Hillary’s legal issues are settled.  Congress agreed to the postponement.  Another employee who has refused to testify before Homeland Security and the Senate Judiciary Committees is John Bentel, who works as an IT Specialist at the State Department.  It is reported he is looking for the same sort of deal received by Pagliano.  To date, nothing has been released about what may be in the offering for Bentel.


There is a reported 147 FBI agents involved in the investigation of Clinton’s emails.  What we know now that has been made public is the unsecured server contained thousands of classified documents.  Two dozen or so were highly classified.  Since the information is so much more than what was left unsecured by General Davis Petraeus, criminal charges must surely be filed.

It was also revealed last week by former U.S. Attorney Joseph DiGenova, that a second investigation is underway.  This one is called an “official acts” investigation.  There is a direct relationship between actions of the State Department and contributions to the Clinton Foundation.  The contributions are followed by contracts from State or State approval of contracts involving billions of dollars for the contributors.  Many of these contributions flowed into a Canadian charity which bundled the money together and contributed it to the Foundation.  Under Canadian law, names of contributors to charity can not revealed. This investigation requires much more manpower than is needed for the server investigation.

Hillary Clinton has said repeatedly that there is no FBI investigation.  What they are doing is a security review, and that is a standard action that happens all the time.  The FBI does not do security reviews.  They do criminal investigations.  They do not indict or convict anyone.  The FBI will conclude their investigation and submit their findings to the Justice Department for action.

With the information released so far, Attorney General Janet Lynch will have to make the decision.  If she chooses to pass on an indictment, there likely will be mass resignations from the FBI and the Justice Department.  You can be sure that the FBI report will be leaked to the media.  It will be interesting if Obama is willing to suffer a “Saturday night massacre” like the Nixon Administration at the end of his tenure as he tries to build his legacy.  Congress, still controlled by the Republicans until at least the end of the year, could call for a Special Council to investigate Obama’s refusal to indict.  Do you think Obama would fall on his sword for Hillary?  I don’t.


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