american-flag-2[1]Folks, America is changing.  It is not the country it was just four years ago.  It certainly is not the same country that your parents and grand parents knew.  Today  we will take a look at how America has changed.  We will also look at how the politics has changed.  The “old America” may or may not be better than the country we find today.  That is something you will have to decide for yourself.  One thing is for sure, America is a changed country.  It will never return to the way it was before.  The question is, should it?  Only you can make that decision.  This question is academic in nature because it will never go back to the country it was.  Those days are long over.  Welcome to the new America.


This is an area where George Soros has had a major influence.  One of the most effective ways to control a population is to erase the past history and replace it with what will further the control.  Today, American students do not learn American history anymore.  George Washington has been replaced by Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton in the history books.  Students no longer learn about the country’s founding.  They do not learn  why the founders left Europe to find a better life.  Our country fought wars.  We learned lessons about when we should enter wars and when we shouldn’t.  Today, our students aren’t taught those lessons.

During the early years of the new country, many of the founding principles were tested.  Our government was tested by the citizens to make sure the experiment continued.  The court system made sure the new Constitution was followed.  The early Americans made sure we never reverted back to the way things were done in Europe.  Those lessons are not taught to American students anymore.


Since our founding, there has always been a debate about the role of government.  One group, the conservatives, believe in a smaller, weaker federal government.  This group favors more power for the lower levels of government.  Their argument is that more power should rest in the levels of government closest to the people.  That way the government will be more responsive to the needs of the citizens.

The liberals, or progressives, are the opposite.  They believe in a strong federal government that dictates to the citizens.  Over the years the liberals have been winning the argument.  Today, the federal government controls the actions of the citizens either directly through legislation passed by Congress, or through regulations issued by the alphabet agencies created by the Congress to make the citizens do what the federal government wants.

Today, most laws are created not by Congress, but by the regulations written by faceless bureaucrats who no-one knows.  They regulate everything from the food we eat, the water we drink, the property we own, etc.  Once the federal government gains power, they never give it back.

The Federal Government and it’s agencies no longer run to the benefit of the people.  Instead, they now run to favor the party in control of the Executive branch.  The former Attorney General, Eric Holder, was found in contempt of Congress for not releasing documents about “Fast and Furious.”  Obama used Executive Privilege to overturn the Contempt Citation of Congress.  The Internal Revenue Service now attacks the Presidents enemies with audits, harassment and any way possible to retard their actions.  The Attorney General refuses to investigate.  The Attorney General now works to further the Presidents agenda instead of working for the people.  The next President will replace these people with people who will be loyal to them.


The rise of the “outsiders” this political season is a symptom of the discontent felt by the electorate.  These two candidates are a symptom of something much bigger.  The “established” political pros have lost their responsiveness to the voters.  Government has become so large and powerful, that it now dictates to the population.  The citizens feel the government no longer represents them.  Both of these candidates promise to bring that response back.

Bernie Sanders is the progressive.  He wants government to do much more.  He wants people to pay much more to the government so it can expand even further.  Sanders wants the rich to pay up to 90% of their income to the federal government so their end take home pay is the same as the less fortunate.

Donald Trump takes the opposite track.  Because of his business background, he has personally suffered under the cost of excessive regulations.  Trump promises to actually get things done.  Government spends much of its time telling people what they can’t do.  Trump promises to do.nuclear weo

The “establishment” of each party will not permit either of these candidates to change the system in any way.  The old guard political pros would rather see the other party win the Presidency than upset the power structure that exists today.  The political parties will never again be responsive to the average American.


The American military was the strongest in the world.  It was the envy of the developed world.  The current Administration has cut spending for the military each year they have been in office.  America can no longer make that claim.  We still lead the world in nuclear capacity, but our fighting force is much reduced from just eight years ago.  We have a nuclear force that is second to none, but that is a force we dare not use.  Our influence around the world is waning.  America is no longer respected by our old friends or our enemies.  Our lack of strength is actually a dangerous position to be in.  It makes war more likely now than when we were strong.


America was such a strong country.  Because of the freedoms we enjoyed, our spirit, our innovation, our ability to develop products made America a wonderful place to live.  With our regressive tax system, and the heavy regulatory system, we have lost our spirit to invest and develop new products.  The trade policies put in place by both of the major political parties has moved our manufacturing to other countries.  The party “pros” will never allow this to change.  After all, the corporate elites are the ones who financially support the party pros and keep them in power.  Their reward is trade policies that allow the corporate sponsors to financially flourish.  Today that means cheap foreign labor to manufacture products.

To sum everything up, America will never again be the leader of the world.  That day has passed.  Our military is in disarray.  Worse, our spending is out of control.  Our national debt has gone from $0 in 1776 to $9 trillion in 2009 to $19 trillion today.  In just a few years, our interest payments on the debt will be the largest federal expenditure.  With that huge debt, it will be decades before America can do anything but pay down debt to reduce interest charges.


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