donald-trump-the-celebrity-apprentice-finale-arrivals_4588881[2]From the beginning, I liked Donald Trump.  He was fresh.  He was brash.  Donald Trump was an outsider not versed in the Washington language of taking all sides of all issues to avoid offending anyone.  The Donald certainly was not politically correct, and he didn’t care.

Today, we are going to examine Donald Trump to see if this outspoken developer has what it takes to lead this country and be the leader of the free world.  Many people love his outspoken personality.  Many people hate him and everything he represents. Donald certainly evokes passion whenever his name comes up.

Mr. Trump is currently the leading candidate in the Republican primaries so far.  He holds a sizable lead in the popular vote and also leads in the delegate count.  Even though he seems to be the leader among the Republican voters, it is a very long uphill battle for Donald Trump to get the nomination.

Trump has raised issues that have been ignored by the other candidates.  Trump has talked about securing our borders, entering “fair” trade deals that create jobs for Americans, revamping our immigration policies, controlling our spending, and redefining who our friends are, and what their responsibilities are.  These would not be campaign issues if it were not for Donald Trump.



There is no question that the “establishment” of the Republican Party does not want Donald Trump as the Republican nominee.  Trump shuns the regular financial backers of the party as he finances his own campaign.  With his campaign independent of the finance guys, Trump can not be controlled by the party leaders the finance guys put in place.  It is very important to these folks to keep control.  They have a “good ol’ boys” network that they feel must be protected.  Both major political parties have this hierarchy system to be sure things run in the fashion they wish.  Donald Trump is not the guy they want.

The entrenched “establishment” will do all they can to block Donald Trump from getting the necessary delegates to secure the nomination.  There is even talk of changing the rules at the Republican Convention in Cleveland to deny Trump the nomination if he gets to, or too close to, the 1237 delegates needed to be nominated.  There is even talk of bringing in another candidate, maybe one who didn’t even run in the primaries, to be the “establishment” candidate.  These people are willing to hand the election to the Democrats if a Trump victory would end their personal power.



One of the important things in a long campaign is it allows the scrutiny to identify strengths and weaknesses of the various candidates.  The whole process helps the American voters really decide on the candidates.

Donald Trump has run a different type of campaign this year.  He has used the publicity of free coverage rather than paid advertising to get his message out.  Because of this, he has not developed the campaign staff to run an organized race.  His lack of organization is showing signs of cracking.

The Trump campaign has been losing the fight for delegates to the Cruz camp.  Trump may have won the popular vote in states but did not do the work to secure the corresponding delegates.  The rules were there for all to read and follow, but the Trump group, because there are so few and have no one in charge to handle this part of the campaign, have been failing to secure delegates.  Some call this laziness, while others call it a lack of experience.

Recently, the media pulled out the abortion question.  This is something the media pulls out every four years against whatever Republican might be running.  It’s like clockwork.  Donald Trump seemed to be totally unprepared for the issue.  It doesn’t matter that abortion is settled law.  It doesn’t matter that the subject is not, or has not been an issue to date.  Every adult in America knows the media will drag out the issue in an attempt to make it an issue again and discredit the Republicans with women.  Trump changed his position several times before settling in on a position.  Why wasn’t Trump prepared for it?

When asked who was advising him on foreign affairs, the front-runner said he got his foreign affairs information from the television news stations.  When pressed for names, it took three weeks for Donald to come up with a list.



At this point in the campaign, you would think Donald Trump would be projecting himself as “Presidential.”  Instead, he still is running petty, negative attacks on his opponents.  He comes off like a fifth grade bully.  This is the sort of attacks that should be run in ads, not from the candidates mouth.  Trump comes off as immature.  Does his name calling and harsh personal attacks on all who oppose him stop him from being able to work with them in the future?  Does he possess the discipline necessary to do the job of President?  Can he control himself enough to get things done for the country?  This does not project an image of someone you picture as the leader of the free world.


Donald Trump has problems with many groups.  He has problems with Hispanics, women, blacks, Muslims, and just about any minority group.  His brash talk has not helped his position.  The question is, Can Donald Trump win the General election in the fall?

Should someone with these shortcomings really be the leader of the free world?  Will his lack of an organization carry over to the White House should he win in November?

For all of Donald Trumps negatives, he still connects with a large segment of the voters.  Is it enough to elect him in the fall?  Maybe.

Many of these things were said about another man, at another time, Ronald Reagan.  They said Reagan was too old.  They said he was a war monger.  They said he was mean.  Reagan proved most of his nay-sayers wrong on all counts.  Can Donald Trump do the same?

As I write this on Tuesday, April 12th, I have made a tentative choice.  The way things are now, I will not vote for Donald Trump in the Pennsylvania primary.  However, if I see a major change in the candidate that shows he is putting together a professional campaign team, and is actually listening to them, I might reconsider my vote.  The way he campaigns shows the way he would govern.  Right now, I need better from my President.


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