Supreme-leader-of-Iran-2[1]Well, the Obama Administration has done it again.  Iran is in the process of receiving a very modern missile defense system supplied by our “friends” in Moscow.  Our government has released hundred of billions of dollars to Iran so they could make this purchase.  With Obama leaving office in a few months, it will fall on the next President to try to find a way to counter this action.

The Obama Administration does not seem concerned with Iran having a nuclear bomb and a missile to deliver it to Israel or the U.S.  Once Iran becomes a nuclear nation, the Middle East will be changed forever.


Iran has test fired missiles that are capable of hitting our friends in Israel with “Death to Israel” written on its side.  The Iranian government has stated these missiles will be capable of carrying nuclear warheads (which the Iranians deny working on).  The government organizes daily chants of “Death to Israel,” and “Death to America.”  The Israelis had earlier planned an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities but the Obama Administration released the plan to the public and refused to give Israel the right to fly over the war zone to reach their target.  Now that ability to take out the facilities will be past as soon as the Russian missile system comes on line.


Iran has deliberately violated the historic agreement reached last year.  President Obama has said Iran is following the letter of the law, but is not following the spirit of the law.  Since the signing, Iran has stated they got everything they wanted, while giving up nothing.  They consider the agreement as a major victory over the “Great Satan.”  With the help of North Korea, Iran has continued to develop their missile technology.



Under the agreement entered into with the West, Iran will inspect itself and report the results to the other signatures of the agreement.  This was all done with a straight face.  Iran will not permit the members from the United States to have any access to the reports Iran releases.  No U.S. personnel are allowed on Iranian soil to do any monitoring.  Our Administration approved this agreement.  No wonder Iranian President Hassan Rouhani treated the Iranian negotiators as heroes when they returned home at the conclusion of the negotiations.


John Kerry, our Secretary of State and the main negotiator of the Iranian agreement, has a problem with his personal connections to the Iranian negotiating team.  It seems that in 2009, Kerry’s daughter, Dr. Vanessa Bradford Kerry, married an Iranian doctor, Dr. Brian Vale Nahed.  The Best Man at the wedding was the son of Mohammad Javad Zarif.  Mr. Zarif just so happens to be the Chief Negotiator for Iran on the nuclear treaty and is the current Minister of Foreign Affairs.  In other words, John Kerry was negotiating with one of his daughters best friends father.


Even though Iran got everything it wanted from the agreement and the U.S. was outmaneuvered at every turn, the Middle Eastern nation decided it wants more.  Iran is barred from using the U.S. banking system for international money exchange.  This is the only sanction remaining on the rogue nation.  Kerry and the State Department are taking the Iranian request to lift this last restriction and will make a decision soon.  Supreme Leader, Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei has formally complained to the U.S. Government to get the restriction lifted.  The Obama Administration is working on a backdoor way to lift this sanction without needing approval from Congress.


The Iranian government has been supporting terror all over the Middle East.  The government sends hundreds of millions of dollars to Hezbollah, up to $15 billion to help prop up the Assad government in Syria, up to $25 million for the Shiite militias in Syria and Iraq, millions for the support of Houthi rebels in Yemen, and up to $100 million to the Hamas terrorists in Israel.  The radical Iranian government was struggling to keep up their support of all these activities until John Kerry’s State Department negotiated the nuclear agreement.  Now they are able to continue their terrorist activities legally under the agreement.


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