c6f27f65-c3f6-491a-a846-ea60d2830cd1[1]Daesh is the group our Muslim President called the J.V.  This is the group, after beheading Americans, the President said they should be stopped, he then went off to play golf.  He seemed upset he had to interrupt his vacation to address the press after the attack.  This Administration takes every step possible to back away from talking about “radical Islam.”  The only times he mentions Islam is to tell us how it is such a wonderful religion and tell us all that Muslims have done for the world.  President Obama also said America is a Muslim nation.  Lets take a look at where we are today with Daesh or ISIS.



Daesh started out as a splinter group to al Qaeda.  There were some in the al Qaeda group who were so radical that al Qaeda didn’t want them representing their group.  The extreme radicals split off to form ISIS.  While al Qaeda was a movement that wanted to change the world and defeat the infidels, ISIS or Daesh, wanted to create a new country and move from that initial base to conquer the world.

When the Obama Administration came to power, the new President brought our troops home from the Middle East, and left a void in the political and military structure in the region.  This satisfied a campaign promise the President made before being elected.  His military advisors unsuccessfully argued against the move.  This void was filled by Daesh.  They captured all the U.S. military equipment we left behind in our anxious retreat, and have used everything against their opponents.  Isis captured large areas of geography and created their own country covering parts of Syria and Iraq.  They set up a government system with taxes to run their “country.”  This success drew new recruits, some of whom came from al Qaeda.



When the United States started withdrawing, we lost the trust of the governments in the area.  These governments felt abandoned by the U.S.  This lack of trust has caused these governments to stop cooperating with us.

Our one true ally in the Middle East is the Kurds.  This group was also the best organized and best disciplined group on our side.  They made great strides in Syria taking back land occupied by ISIS.  However, this group is also a threat to the Syrian government.  It is well established that once ISIS is defeated, they will turn their attention against the Assad government.  Russia entered to help in the fight against ISIS.  What they did was bomb the Turks until this force was no longer a threat to Assad.  The United States watched as this slaughter took place without lifting a hand to help them.

The President also started a policy of taking no more prisoners.  As he tries to empty Gitmo, the last thing he wants is more prisoners coming in.  Military missions now are kill only.  Hence the bombing campaign underway today.  With these types of attacks, there is no intelligence gained.  This has hindered our ability to stop more attacks before they happen.



The President won’t even admit Islamic radicals are responsible for the world wide bombings.  Just this past week, the White House censored the words of French President Hollande for saying  at the nuclear arms meeting the problem was Islamism.  The White House edited his comments to remove the phrase about “Islamism” from the official video of the event.  It was later reinstated after an uproar from the American media.

The President is insistent on releasing the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay and allowing them to re-enter the fight.  He doesn’t see any of these Muslims as a problem for our country, even as a third of those released are now actively fighting against America again.

With the President refusing to admit that radical Muslims are attacking the world, it means the United States is refusing to admit the world has a problem.  With Europe and the few friends we still have in the Middle East looking to the United States for leadership, and finding none, ISIS or Daesh, continues to expand across multiple continents.


To make sure the next President does not escalate actions against Daesh, the Administration has reduced our military capacity to fight wars.  President Obama has not only cut our ground strength by reducing the number of troops, he has retired the officers who had war experience.  He has shifted the military purpose from fighting and winning wars to other purposes such as sex equality, environmental concerns (climate change), and other social changes far removed from their previous purpose.

President Obama has created more Federal debt than all the previous Presidents combined.  The growing interest charge on this new debt will suck up any available money to prevent the country from rebuilding the military to be able to fight another war.

2017, just as Obama leaves office, will see a host of new taxes created by the Affordable Care Act that will slow the economy causing the Federal Government to have even less revenue available for the military.  It almost seems the Administration is deliberately trying to handicap America in the fight against terrorism.  All these reasons are why ISIS or Daesh will be a force well into the future.  There will be no quick end to the terrorism this group unleashes on the world.


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