SUPER TUESDAY[1]I’m not going to write about the numbers from Tuesday.  Instead, I’m going to discuss what I see in the results that will change the future.

Hillary Clinton, with all her faults, is steamrolling ahead toward the nomination.  What is surprising is that Bernie Sanders continues to raise huge sums of money in small amounts.  Sanders is funded to an amount that carries him on to the Democratic Convention.  Although Bernie will not gain enough support to win the nomination, he has hit a chord that is resonating with a large segment of the Democrat voters.

Sanders is building a movement that is challenging the Democrat core.  His attack on Wall Street money in the Democrat Party is drawing support from the average folks.  What Bernie Sanders has done might not be a major influence today but might be the dominate force in the future.

Hillary is riding the African-American vote.  Clinton is collecting huge majorities among that minority group.  If Democrats ever took the actions needed to improve the Black fate, they would lose control of that important voting block, and Democrats will make sure that never happens.

Over on the Republican side there is a similar situation.  Donald Trump is marching toward the nomination.  He has picked up on the anger of average Republicans toward their government.  These voters have given the GOP control of Congress through several election cycles.  To their dismay, the elected officials have not fulfilled any of their promises.  In fact, John Boehner (former Speaker) and Mitch McConnell (Senate Majority Leader), have actually worked against votes on some of these issues.  Boehner was pushed aside, and McConnell may face heavy competition to keep his position.

Trump is a maverick that will not be satisfied with business as usual.  He is fighting against the Special Interests even though he has spent most of his adult life as one of them.  Donald Trump will fight the status-quo and make the party more responsive to the Republican voter.

The “establishment” will do everything they can to stop Trump.  This entrenched group of politicians will even sabotage the General Election to keep Trump from entering the Oval Office.  Mitch McConnell for one has said he will not vote for Trump in the General Election.  Many other establishment Republican politicians will probably do the same.

But business as usual will be a thing of the past.  If Trump doesn’t win in November, and the establishment continues business as usual, there will be a revolt from the rank and file.  Those conservative voters will bolt from the Republican Party to create a new party more to their thinking.

In 1964, Barry Goldwater started a conservative movement in the Republican Party.  For the next decade, the Party shrunk in size and lost elections.  However, the GOP came roaring back with Ronald Reagan in 1980.  This was possible because of the foundation laid by Goldwater.  Are we witnessing another revolution now?

Trump and Clinton are the strong favorites to face off in November.  It’s all the undercurrents in both parties that will make this election fascinating to watch.


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