2016 RACE

90[1]The Nevada caucus is in the books and things are starting to shake out.  There is really some well deserved concern on both sides of the aisle.

Let’s begin our discussion with the Democrats.  Bernie Sanders just won’t go away.  The self avowed Socialist has been drawing huge crowds everywhere he goes.  His strong showing in Iowa, a huge win in New Hampshire, and a decent showing in Nevada have kept Hillary from being able to tack right to compete against the Republicans.  Bernie has captured the “angry” vote on the liberal side.  Sanders places much of the blame for our current problems on corporate America.  He pounds against the fat cats on Wall Street every day.  If all of his policies were enacted in a single year, the national debt would double and the country would become bankrupt.  Then none of his promises could be given to anyone.  Still he continues to draw strong support.

Hillary comes with her own set of problems.  The Clintons have been on the political stage since the 80’s.  They have become a tired brand.  Although Bill was a very popular President in the 90’s, he had many scandals.  The older Americans look at the Clintons and decide they have had enough.  The younger voters, who use the internet to do their research, don’t like what they have found.  Hillary has other problems she brings to the campaign.  The Benghazi  attack, which is not going to go away, continues to show a negative picture of the State Department under her tenure.  Her FBI investigations could find her indicted before the fall election.  Hillary’s unsecured computer server guarantees an indictment.  General David Petraeus  was indicted for bringing his calendar home and keeping it in a home office desk.  Compare that to what Hillary did with all her computer communication system at the State Department.  Her computer server was maintained by a company with no security clearance.  Then there is the problem with the Clinton Foundation.  There is a direct connection between speaking fees that were given to Bill and actions by Hillary at State.  This could be even more damning than the emails.  Clinton has become the “establishment” candidate.  With all of these problems, Hillary Clinton should be the Democrat nominee.

Over on the GOP side there is also some problems.  Donald Trump is rolling through the primaries because his opponents are splitting the vote.  Trump has captured three solid wins in a row.  He plays the game rough, and has over 60% negative in the polls.  With Ben Carson and John Kasich combining for 10% of the GOP vote, neither Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio can break through to topple Trump.  I wonder if Trump has made a deal with Kasich and Carson to stay in the race and join the Trump Administration in the future.  I could see a Surgeon General Carson and a VP or OMB Director Kasich next year.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are still fighting to be No. 2.  Both of these first term Senators have not been able to break through the Donald Trump steamroller.  Cruz has some problems with dirty campaign tactics.  He has taken steps to correct this but the problems may linger as an issue.  Rubio is considered to be too young and immature at this point in his career to be Commander-in-Chief.  As of now, Trump should be the Republican nominee.

The Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump contest in the fall will be interesting to watch.



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