ss-160213-antonin-scalia-obit-09_d56c037d62dc25e02e69d0042ae6d4c9.nbcnews-ux-1024-900[1]The President of the United States is refusing to attend the funeral of Antonin Scalia, a member of the Supreme Court for over 30 years.  This is typical Obama.

The head of the Executive Branch of the U. S. government, is refusing to attend the funeral of a longtime member of the Judiciary Branch.  This is disgraceful that President Obama refuses to attend.  It should not matter what political party the Chief Executive belongs to.  It should not matter what political party the Justice belongs to.  It should not matter if the Justice is conservative or liberal.  None of this should matter at all.  It’s just a matter of basic respect.

This is not the first time Obama put his personal political beliefs above his official duties as Chief Executive of the nation.  Obama refused to attend the funeral of England’s Margaret Thatcher.  He was the only Head of State of a free world nation to shun that funeral.

The President should attend to represent me and all other Americans.  His actions are an embarrassment to our nation.  Obama seems to forget that he was elected to represent us.

President Obama is given the White House to use while he is in office.  He is afforded a very nice salary, with lots of perks, and a huge staff at his disposal.  The least he could do is represent ALL Americans once in a while.

The President is supposed to represent us all.  He has a responsibility to represent Republicans, conservatives, military veterans, police officers, white people, and everyone else who was born here.  He does not have the right to pick and choose who he will support and work for.  He was elected to represent us all.

The other day, President Obama said one of the things he regrets the most was his inability to get his political opponents to compromise and work with him.  Let us take a jaunt down memory lane.  The President came into office in 2009 with a large majority in both houses of Congress.  His first legislation was his healthcare reform package.  This was pushed through Congress without a single Republican vote.  The Republicans were told they were not needed and there was no attempt to compromise.  The Republicans were told elections mattered so the Democrats would do what they want.  The bill was not even released to the Republicans until 7 hours before the vote.  That’s not much time to read a 20,000 page bill.

Congressman Ryan fashioned a budget with the Democrats that was loaded with compromises.   Both sides got much of what they wanted and both sides gave up things they wanted.  The President took Congressman Ryan with him to an economic speech at Georgetown.  With Ryan sitting there as a prop, the President blasted the Republicans as being owned by special interests.  He embarrassed Ryan in front of the group.  Obama couldn’t understand why Ryan would never to trust the President again. The budget never became law because Obama refused to give the Republicans anything and demanded all his priorities be funded, period.  The government ran on continuing resolutions  because Obama refused to give the Republicans anything they wanted.

President Obama is constantly pitting one group against the other.  He damns the rich and blames them for all the problems with the poor.  He opposes the whites at every opportunity on black issues.  He pits the old against the young.  He is always finding fault against the Republicans in favor of the Democrats.  Obama sides with the blacks against law enforcement every chance he gets.

This is the mindset Obama uses.  So it makes sense Obama would not attend a Supreme Court Justice funeral because he was conservative and nominated by a Republican.  Maybe the next President will represent ALL Americans again.  We know this one won’t.  He is mired deeply in the gutter, lower class.


One response to “GUTTER, LOWER CLASS

  1. I thought that it would be interesting to see what Obama did instead of going to Scalia’s funeral. It appears that he had no public events for the day and stayed in the white house. Its understandable how he could not make the long journey to the funeral. I once again have come to the clear realization that gutter, lower class is much to high an estimate for Barry O. I can see no reason for him not to attend.

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